Formula 1 Vs. MotoGP: Four Wheels or Two?

Now, we don’t want to undermine the love that we have for things such as family, partners, friends, maybe even pets and personal belongings… but, does anything really compare to the passion you have for your sport?

How many times have we been known to utter the words ‘after the race’, or turned down plans because, lets face it, if it’s on the TV, we’re watching it. Maybe you’ve even combined two of your loves, treating your other half to a romantic break, enjoying a race weekend in Europe. If so, you’re our sort of person.
But, we’re about to get controversial. Kind of like a popular card game, we’re pinning two of Motorsports greatest against one another. So, what is better? Four wheels or two? Let the battle commence! Formula 1 Vs. MotoGP … who wins? Let us know in the comments.

Formula 1 cars and MotoGP bikes are powerful machines, built within their own regulations to produce and perfect the fastest, most streamlined piece of machinery in their field.

Every team looks to draw out that little bit of extra performance to put them ahead. Both of these unique motorsports are thrilling to watch, and the differences between four and two wheels can be seen below.
Formula 1 Vs. Moto GP Specs
But, that’s the machines. What about the circuits? Iconic tracks make for exciting races and we’ve chosen two of our favourite to battle it out below.
Formula 1 Vs. MotoGP Track Information
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Lights, Camera, Action: Our Top Film and TV Locations in Europe

Have you ever watched a film or TV show and felt so engrossed in the setting that you wanted to pack your suitcase there and then, and set out on your own action packed adventure?

Well, what if we were to tell you that some of the most famous movie locations are right on our door step, here in Europe, and you could visit some of the world’s most famous, real life movie sets, on one of our tours? You better believe it! Take a look at some of our favourite film and TV locations we love to visit.

Prague – Casino Royale

Charles Bridge, Prague
Charles Bridge, Prague

We begin with Prague, which has a long list of movie location credentials, and it’s no surprise that directors and producers alike have chosen to shoot some of the most famous silver screen scenes here.
The capital city of the Czech Republic boasts some pretty amazing architecture, which provides the perfect back drop for any action movie, which brings us to one of the most famous action heroes of all time…Bond, James Bond.
Since the release of the 2006 movie, Casino Royale, Prague has become popular with Bond fans from all over the world, with many visiting the city in order to take snaps in the famous locations.
Some locations in Prague even doubled for scenes in Venice and Miami! The Czech National Museum was used as the setting for the Venetian hotel, and both Prague Ruzyne Airport and the Ministry of Transport, which are both portrayed as locations in Miami.  However, the opening scene for the film was actually set and filmed in Prague at The Danube House, which tell us the story of how Bond gained his Double O status.

Salzburg – The Sound of Music

Aerial View of Salzburg
Aerial View of Salzburg

Home to the Vonn Trapp family, the fairy tale city of Salzburg is a must do in its own right. However, it has become renowned for its Sound of Music tours, with fans of this heart-warming story flocking from near and far to walk in the footsteps of Julie Andrews.
Salzburg is home to many wonderful sites, so it’s no wonder the director of the 1965 Oscar winning musical chose to shoot as many of the scenes as he could in the city itself. With an abundance of movie scenes to visit, such as the Do-Re-Mi fountain, why not take a look at our very own Austria, Sound of Music tour?

Taormina – The Godfather

View Over Taormina
View Over Taormina

Ah Sicily, home to one of the most notorious families of all time, the Carleone family, from the hit crime series, The Godfather.
Based on Mario Puzo’s bestselling novel, which was inspired by real life events carried out by the Sicilian Mafia, there was really nowhere else for the typically Italian scenes to be filmed but in Italy itself.
Aside from its claim to fame, Sicily is truly memorising and would be enjoyed by anyone, even if you’re not a fan of the hit crime series. However, if you are a Godfather fan, why not take a tour of some of the most iconic spots of the film? Our Treasures of Sicily tour dedicates a whole excursion to the Al Pacino classic.

Dubrovnik – Game of Thrones

View over Dubrovnik
View Over Dubrovnik

Stepping away from the movies, we take a look at one of the most popular TV shows of the present day, Game of Thrones. With the seventh season just around the corner, over the past few years many fans of the show have been journeying to Croatia, in the hopes of catching a glimpse of the stars, in the real life’s ‘Kings Landing’. Or, as we know it, the old town, Dubrovnik.
That’s right, the medieval town offers the back drop for the southern city in this make believe world of fire and ice, and we can see just why it was chosen. The UNESCO world heritage site is filled with wonders and the ancient stone walls of the city really give it that enchanting feel. And whilst you’re certainly not going to catch a glimpse of any dragons, who knows, you may brush shoulders with one of the shows many stars, making Dubrovnik a must visit for any GOT fan.

Verona – Letters to Juliette

River Adige, Verona
River Adige, Verona

This gorgeous romantic comedy, gives you a real sense of the passion of Italy. Set and mostly filmed in Verona, the film tells the story of a writer struggling to find her muse, until, among the sights, she ends up discovering the “Secretaries of Juliet”. The “Secretaries of Juliet” being a group of women in Verona, whom spend their days replying to letters left to Juliet for love advice.
There she discovers one that was written 50 years ago, which then leads to the main character, played by Amanda Seyfried, setting off on a quest to aid one woman whose story she has become engrossed in. It’s a truly beautiful film, with some truly gorgeous scenery, as the cast travel through the Italian countryside in the hopes of reuniting two lovers.
So, if you’re looking to set the scene for your own romantic tale, Italy, and namely Verona, is the perfect place for you.

Copenhagen – The Danish Girl

Nyhavn, Copenhagen
Nyhavn, Copenhagen

The streets of Copenhagen’s Old Town set the scene for this dramatic tale. Based on real life events, The Danish Girl, was an immediate success when it was released in cinemas a little over a year ago, and it’s no surprise when you see the Oscar nominated and Oscar winning performances of both Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander.
But aside from the outstanding performances, the stunning scenery of Copenhagen is also Oscar worthy, from the cobbled waterfronts, to the curving and colourful streets of Nyhavn. It really is one for the bucket list!

Bruges – In Bruges

Canal in Bruges
Canal in Bruges

Although the 2008 film didn’t quite make the cut when it was released in cinemas, it soon became a cult classic. The film has the perfect mix of some brilliant comedy moments and an excellent script, but the real star of the show is Bruges itself.
The film follows two hit men who have been ousted to Bruges for making a mess of a job. Whilst there, the lead characters Ken (Brendan Gleeson) and Ray (Colin Farrell) take a tour of the town, visiting celebrated sites such as the Belfry and the Basilica of The Holy Blood, meaning there are probably few places that you can visit whilst there that weren’t key locations in the film.
It is the case that the movie made the medieval town so popular, that the Bruges tourist board even created a map dedicated to the dark comedy, so fans could make sure that they didn’t miss any of the famous sites whilst touring the town.

Rome – La Dolce Vita

Trevi Fountain, Rome
Trevi Fountain, Rome

The classic black and white film follows a tabloid journalist called Marcello, whose life is torn between wanting to become an establish writer or continuing to publish profitable but meaningless magazine articles.
Set and filmed in the glamorous Roma, the film includes many of the ancient cities treasures, however the most famous scene in the film comes as Marcello meets the beautiful socialite Sylvia, played by the 1960s Swedish bombshell, Anita Ekberg.
As Marcello takes the star on a tour of Rome, we see her character plunge into the Trevi fountain in an all-black evening gown. The scene is mesmerizing, and so it’s no surprise that it attracted fans from around the globe, many of whom wanted to come and recreate the moonlight splash. However, as there’s a ‘strictly no bathing policy’ this is unfortunately not possible, but you can pay a visit to the spectacular monument and the beautiful city of Rome on one of our many tours.
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5 Reasons to Visit Holland in Spring

With the cold, dark and gloomy winter months soon to be behind us, and the promise of longer days, warmer weather and the smell of flowers, just around the corner, why wait until summer to embark on a trip overseas?

There are many places that you can visit during the most colourful season of the year but nowhere does spring quite like Holland.

1. The Tulips.

Tulips and windmills in Holland at springtime
Holland is renowned for its tulips, among other flowers, and is often referred to as the ‘flower shop of the world’. Tulips were imported into Holland in the sixteenth century and by the mid-seventeenth century, they were so popular that they created the first economic bubble, known as “Tulip Mania”.
People bought up bulbs and they became so expensive, they were even used as money at one point in time! Due to their unwavering popularity they have appeared in many paintings and still appear in festivals to this day.
Yes, that’s right, each spring the Dutch celebrate their famous flower by spending months transforming the landscapes all over the country into a sea of colour.
Keukenhof Park, the largest flower garden in the world, is certainly a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list, with its fantastic array of colourful displays, you’d be missing out if you did not consider making a visit here this spring.

2. Dodge the April Showers

Amsterdam Canal
That’s right, statistically, April is the driest month of the year in Holland, which means you can really appreciate all that the country has to offer.
You can stroll around the bulb-fields, enjoy a beverage at a canal-side cafe, or even partake in a bike ride, without the threat of the clouds opening above and having to rush to find shelter or retrieve your brolly from your bag.
This certainly ticks our box!

3. Celebrate Kings Day

Dutch bunting
Formerly Queens’s day, each year on the 27th of April, crowds of people clad in orange descend on Amsterdam for the world’s largest street party to celebrate the birthday of the Dutch Monarch, King Willem- Alexander.
Whilst this is not one for those who are wanting a quiet spring vacation, it really is a marvel to behold.
The tradition dates back to 1885, where celebrations started in honour of the birth of Queen Wilhelmina and people wear orange in order to show pride for the Dutch Royal family, the House of Orange-Nassau.
So why not ransack your wardrobe, pull out your favourite orange garms and join the people of Holland on this national day of celebrations?

4. See the country from the waterways.

Canal in Holland with windmills
With countless canals and rivers throughout the country, and Amsterdam being referred to as ‘the Venice of the North’, river cruising and Holland really are a match made in heaven.
You’ll be offered a unique perspective of the picturesque windmills and marvellous springtime blooms, as well as being able to cruise down the famous canals of Amsterdam, all from the comfort of your own cabin.
Plus, cruising the highlights means you only have to unpack once and, alongside the milder temperatures, it really makes your stay in Holland much more comfortable. We can’t really think of a more relaxing way to explore the Dutch delights.

5. Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canal in the Evening
Last but not least, of course, we have to mention the capital city. Whilst Amsterdam is pretty amazing all year round, it has a certain feel in spring that you don’t get at any other time of year.
As the flowers start to bloom and tables and chairs suddenly begin to appear on the canal banks and outside terraces, it gives the impression that the city is beginning to come to life, ahead of all of the seasonal festivals.
As the days become longer, the streets are still quite quiet, allowing you to explore this unique city and its famous attractions at your own pace, without all of the hustle and bustle that comes with the summer months.
Don’t just take our word for it, why not join us in Holland this spring? Visit our website to see which tour we have available.

The Dream Tour, Picturebook Norway: Words from our Winner

When we originally asked you to put together your perfect European holiday, as part of our Dream Tour Competition, even we couldn’t have predicted the overwhelming response. With such an exciting array of dream tours that were entered into this amazing competition, picking a winner was difficult.

But, there was one tour that really stood out to us. With an itinerary taking in some of the most spectacular sights of Scandinavia, the Fjordland adventure really stole our heart. And, the decision was made. The wheels were in motion and we got to work on planning the dream tour; Picturebook Norway – Fjordland Spectacular.
Sue Godwin’s dream holiday was a reality, and whilst we’re super excited about Dream Tour, we couldn’t wait to find out how she felt.
So, we sent our Head of Retail Sales, Ashley, down to the South Coast to congratulate Sue in person. Here’s what she had to say about her amazing prize.

Congratulations! How did you feel when you found out you had won the big prize?

I just didn’t believe it, It was a total shock and this lasted for several weeks. I had a big smile every time I thought about it.

Geiranger Fjord

What was your inspiration behind the tour you created?

In June 2015 we went on the Arctic Circle & Land of the Midnight Sun with Leger Holidays, this was a truly amazing adventure. We visited Norway and loved it. We only had several hours in Oslo and went on a brilliant tour and wanted to go back and spend more time here and particularly visit the Kon Tiki museum.  I wanted to spend longer in each place, be able to settle into a hotel for two or more nights rather than a different hotel each night. To see plenty; but at a more relaxed pace.
I have always wanted to see the Norwegian Fjords but a cruise with a large amount of people never appealed to me. So the only other option was to see them from the land side and with only a max of 40 people whom you get to know well on a 16 day trip.

Flam Railway

What are you most looking forward to on your tour?

The overnight cruise to Bergen, the trip on the Flam Railway, the friendly people, all of it; I just can’t wait. I am counting down the months!

How did you find the task of putting together a coach tour?

I knew I wanted to see the Fjords and revisit some of the elements of the previous Scandinavian trip. I plotted a route that covered the Fjords and some interesting sights and fabulous views on the way. I just picked places and looked them up online and read about them to see which ones I would most like to visit.


Have you chosen the lucky person who will be travelling with you to Norway?

I certainly have, my best friend, Jo, who accompanied me on the Arctic Circle & Land of the Midnight Sun.

What would you say to people to get them to join you on your tour?

Scandinavia is an adventure, incredible views and fabulous people. The Leger drivers are always amazing. The food at the hotels on the previous trip was plentiful and delicious. We loved the comfort of the coach and watching the world go by. There was never a dull moment, always something of interest to see. I am sure this trip will be more of the same and the views of the Fjords, glaciers & wildlife will be spectacular. The full day cruise will give everyone the opportunity to see the Fjords and surrounding area from the more conventional way. The Flam Line is rated as one of the most beautiful train journeys and sure to be a highlight of the trip.
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Boyabreen Glacier