David & Jean – Why We Love Our Coach Holidays

Having booked our three holidays for 2017 we usually sit back and await the perennial questions that always follow our holiday bookings.   One question is always ‘Why don’t you fly to your holiday destination?   Well if we wanted to fly on our holidays we could easily pick one of Leger’s many ‘Fly’ holidays but we prefer to go by coach.   Once again the question arises ‘Why’ well for a start we only have to walk to our ‘Pick up Point’ – hand over our suitcases to the Driver and we never have to worry about them again until they appear outside our Hotel door.    As I am getting older this is a big feature nowadays.   Plus there is no having to get to the airport several hours before take-off – sometimes we’re told it’s easier to book a room at a nearby hotel so as to get to the airport on time.   For us – our transport arrives – we get on and our holiday starts immediately.
Even on our ‘Feeder Coach’ – on our way to Dover to catch the ferry or travel through the Channel Tunnel – we immediately join in the ‘What time did you get on the coach this morning’ competition with our fellow passengers with ourselves usually winning as North Wales – where we live – is quite a way from Dover.
I think camaraderie is a big feature of Leger Coach Holidays and once on your Tour Coach heading towards your holiday destination we are already sizing up all those on board to see who appears to be likely candidates as to who we will joining for our meals and more importantly who we are to socialise with when relaxing in the Bar in the evening.   We have been on 31 Leger Holidays over 23 years – and will be adding another three holidays this year.
Another question that usually arises is ‘Why Leger – why not another Company?’   Well over the years we have been on other companies coach holidays but we always find ourselves coming ‘Home’ to Leger.   It’s not to say that these ‘Other Companies’ holidays are not good – they are – but we find ourselves missing certain features that you get from Leger.
Features like friendly Drivers who when you see who your Drivers are when you board your Tour Coach you immediately say ‘Oh this is going to be a good holidaywe have had these two before’ or ‘ These Drivers are a good laugh’.   Its little things that matter like when your Drivers come around the Dining Room to chat to everyone to see that everything is OK and you don’t have any problems.   Over the years on the two occasions that we had a small problem and informed the Drivers about it – the problem was sorted before we got up from the table – now that’s fast.     It’s important that the Drivers are there for you – more or less in the background but never intrusive until they need to be.
We love all the Excursions – both Inclusive and Optional – as you get to see places that if you travel by your own means you are inclined to miss out on.   Last year we eventually persuaded two of our friends to go to Lake Garda but they made their own way there.   When they came home we were interested in what they had seen and what they enjoyed and yet whilst they really enjoyed their holiday at Lake Garda – how could they not enjoy it – when we said about visiting various places that we love – they had to admit that they had not been there as local transport made it a bit difficult whereas our Leger Coaches take you to all the main important locations and drop you right there.
Finally back to the camaraderie.   We have always ‘made friends’ with people on the coach and in some cases made good friendships that have lasted years.    We are in regular contact with two couples one who originally first joined us at our meal table on a previous ‘Lake Garda Holiday’ and the other we similarly met on our ‘Sorrento Holiday’ – they socialised with us for the duration of our – and their – holiday and we chat – via e-mails – on a monthly basis with irregular long mailings in between.
And that is why we love our coach holidays.