Taking back Twixmas – The Perfect Time for a European Escape

Bruges at Twixmas

All that build up to Christmas day and it feels like it’s over before you’ve even had chance to finish off your Christmas Pudding. Then, you’re faced with mountains of washing up, turkey leftovers to feed you for a week and a whole array of TV repeats you don’t miss from the nineties. Welcome to Twixmas.

Yes, it sounds like a chocolate bar, and whilst there may be a lack of gold wrapping, Twixmas can prove to be just the treat you were looking for.
Traditionally starting on the 27th December right through to New Year, it covers the time in which plenty of people venture out of the house for a spot of sale shopping. But, if that’s not your thing, how about a European escape?
Now is the time to take back Twixmas! Here, we’ve pulled together our top adventures to spend your Twixmas in style.

Cruising the Rhine Valley

Spend Twixmas in Cologne
What better way to shake off that Christmas hangover than setting sail on a relaxing river cruise down the beautiful Rhine Valley of Germany?
From the quaint towns of Rudesheim and Koblenz to the stunning Cologne, you certainly won’t be left longing for the Christmas soap re-runs. In fact, if you’ve received a new camera for Christmas, there certainly some sights to behold here.
The Gothic architecture and the sweeping river views are certainly a sight for sore and bleary eyes – or, of course, you could take in the hair of the dog in one of Cologne’s 3000 pubs, cafes and restaurants. The German’s certainly produce some great beer.

Hop into Holland

Visiting Valkenburg throughout Twixmas can offer you some fantastic activities worth leaving the house for.
With its quaint cobbled alleyways, you have a chance to dive into the shops and spend any left-over Christmas money on treats for yourself. How about a lovely meal in one of the many restaurants and bars?
You can even take a stroll around the stunning castle garden of “Kasteeltuin Oud-Valkenburg” and visit the castle mill whilst you’re there.
If you fancy some time out of the daylight on street level, head underground into the Roman catacombs taking a candlelit tour around the underground network of 2000-year-old caves.

Twixmas Treats in Bruges

Christmas doesn’t have to be over, not when it comes to indulging, anyway. With plenty of flavoured beers and that oh-so-delectable Belgian chocolate to tuck in to, there’s plenty to enjoy in Bruges.
This pretty town has plenty of stunning sights to see, and how better to see them than from a horse and cart? Head over to the Markt Square where your chariot will await.
Plus, you can take a look around the famous chocolate factory Choco-Story, take a boat tour of the canal or rest your feet with a selection of tasty flavoured draught beers in the Beer Wall pub.

Picture Perfect Prague

czech republic prague, charles bridge at dawn
Take a trip into historical Prague. There’s plenty of Iconic sights to see such as the Prague Castle, the Old Town Hall and the famous Astronomical Clock.
It’s also the perfect place to get snappy, head over to the Charles Bridge to get some stunning photographs of the city.
If you’re up for a bit of fun, head over to the mirror maze on Petra­n Hill, the “Hall of Laughter” should do the trick of relieving those post-Christmas blues.
Did you know: The term ‘Twixmas’ actually comes from the old English phrase ‘Betwix’ that means the middle position.
There’s still time to book your perfect Twixmas break, take a look at our range of Twixmas tours, here.