Coach Holidays: Tips for First Time Travellers

So, you’re considering taking your first coach holiday? Or, maybe you’ve just booked it? We know how excited you must feel at the prospect of visiting so many spectacular destinations in one holiday! But, you’re probably wondering just what you’ve let yourself in for.

What will it be like? Will I enjoy it? Well, earlier this week, we asked our fantastic Facebook fans for their top tips and advice for a first time traveller, and they didn’t disappoint.
We’ve pulled together our favourite snippets of advice for you to take a look over to give you a better understanding of just what to expect as you step on board a Leger coach for the first time…

Your drivers are always there to help…

Anne Greaves Brilliant company to travel with. knowledgeable drivers. been to Austria in 2009 and just come back from a St Patricks day meet great peopke on the coach from all ages. wouldnt hesitate to book with them again.
[quote]Anthony Okell As a driver I have worked for companies who have worked for Leger they are a first class company with top class holiday’s, I would holiday with them any time. Â They will go the extra mile to help you.[/quote]
Lynn Cooke Leger holidays are fantastic from start to finish, the drivers are fantastic they take care of you and tell you about the places you visit.
[quote]Tony Lewis Listen to your drivers, and you won’t go wrong. Your driver’s do the journeys week in, week out, they are all very professional. Enjoy your holiday, you won’t go wrong with Leger[/quote]
Karen Selby Love Leger. Very professional drivers who make your whole experience a holiday of great memories to reflect on and savour forever. Can't rate high enough. I have no worries about travelling alone either. There are always so many interesting people to meet. You even get very helpful advice. I recall when visiting Rome in 2014 one driver in particular was very helpful with regard to protecting us all from being victims of thieves. He did it in such a subtle and jolly way, but it did impress the thought firmly in your mind. Can't wait for my next trip

Elizabeth and Meinir’s tips are great if you’re considering some optional extras…

Elizabeth Wallis Listen to your drivers take the optional excursions relax take it all in and enjoy your holiday. Leger are the best

[quote]Meinir Ann Thomas Do all the optional excursions – best way of seeing everything.[/quote]

Meinir also says, treat yourself on your ferry crossings…

Meinir Ann Thomas Have a meal at the brasserie on the ferry - perfect way to start and end a holiday. Best to book a table in advance at Christmas though as it tends to get very busy - you can do this on the P&O website.

If you’re wondering about what happens when you get to your destination, here’s that June has to say…

June Rice We have travelled abroad with other Coach Companies, but always return to Leger, as they are the best. The drivers really look after you and you are taken into the Cities and dropped off and picked up. We travelled with another Company to the Classic Cities of Spain. We were dropped of at our hotels, most times and told what local buses to get into the Cities. Not good. We had a great time on our Leger's Russian Spectacular. Fantastic experience.

And, what about the Leger comforts?

[quote]Julie Bessant Wouldn’t book with anyone but leger professional drivers really comfortable journey and drinks prices were excellent.[/quote]
Pat Armstrong Simkin About to take our third holiday with this fantastic company. Silver Service all the way, two drivers, lounge to relax in, fantastic tours what's not to like
[quote]Jackie Thornton My friend & I are one our 3rd holiday with Leger we sit back,relax and enjoy[/quote]

A couple more…

[quote]Yvonne Riley Prepare yourself for the first of many holidays you will take with Leger. A great company[/quote]
[quote]Tim Forster Bring an open mind and a sense of humour.[/quote]

But maybe most importantly…

[quote]Sheana Kenyon Enjoy the ride and enjoy your holiday[/quote]

And these are just a selection of tips and tricks, see the full thread, here. Why not join in our conversation and get to know fellow travellers over on our Facebook page? We also have dedicated pages for our Battlefields and Motorsports tours. See you over there soon!

Europe's Most Colourful Destinations

Spring has blossomed, the darkness of winter will soon be a distant memory and it’s time to say so long to stark trees and grey skies. With spring comes a much awaited injection of colour and that’s just what we’ve been waiting for.

And when it comes to vibrant encounters, Europe is host to many spectacular colour parades from its floral displays to the unique tones of its beautiful architecture.
So, if you’re wanting to get into the spirit of spring, why not take a look at our top destinations to add a pop of colour into your travels?


iStock_000020097477_Large (1) edit
Of course, in the true spirit of spring, we have to start off with the tulips fields of Holland.
The cheerful Dutch Bulbfields are enough to brighten anyone’s day, with a gorgeous array of stunning colours and perfectly places windmills, you will well and truly know that spring has sprung.
The spectacular Keukenhof Park blooms between March and May, offering not only the iconic tulip displays, but also a variety of daffodils, hyacinths and crocus – a perfect destination for any avid gardener.


Scenic summer view of Nyhavn pier with color buildings, ships, yachts and other boats in the Old Town of Copenhagen, Denmark
Down by the Nyhavn is where you will make the most of colourful Copenhagen. It was once the home to the famous Danish fairytale writer, Hans Christian Anderson (Number 20 for any literary fans), too!
Pretty pastel coloured buildings line the waterfront with ornate, old ships bobbing about on the water beside you, it sure does make for a lovely setting to rest your feet and enjoy a coffee or beer. Especially after a long day’s sightseeing.


BERLIN, GERMANY - NOV 15, 2014: People walkingat Berlin Wall at East Side Gallery . It's a 1.3 km long part of original Wall which collapsed in 1989 and now is largest world graffiti gallery.
Love it or loathe it, graffiti art can be found in most cities, and Berlin is a haven for Street Art. And, when done properly, the artwork brings the city to life with impressive colourful murals.
One part of the world famous Berlin Wall has been turned into a gallery reflecting on a time of change and the hope for a better world. The East Side Gallery is possibly the largest and long-lasting open air galleries in the world and sure is spectacular.


Lisbon, Portugal skyline at Sao Jorge Castle at dusk.
Lisbon’s streets certainly have a nice surprise when you take a minute to look at the buildings surrounding you. Many homes are covered top-to-toe in decorative tiles, also known as the Azulejos.
They’re a huge part of Portuguese culture and, funnily enough, only private homes are allowed to be adorned in such splendour. So, it’s well worth heading off the beaten track in Lisbon.


Colorful buildings in Burano island sunny street, Venise, Italy
A little known cheerful haven just 7km from the centre of Venice. Burano, the coloured island of lace, is awash with brightly painted buildings, neon pink? You better believe it!
The coloured buildings date back to the islands ‘Golden Age’ when the island was first being developed. It is said that fisherman were the first to paint their homes bright colours so they could see them whilst out on the water.
But, you can’t paint your home just any old colour. You must send a letter to the government who will let you know colours that you’re allowed to paint your home meaning the island keeps its multi-hued charm.


sunset over Santorini
Think of Greek Islands and you are sure to conjure up an image of white buildings and blue roofs. And is there anywhere more stunningly in keeping with this than Santorini?
But don’t just think it’s a whitewash, the petite island is awash with stand-out colour, particularly in the town of Oia.
Colourful flowers and buildings painted in pink, yellows, oranges and red, perfectly contrast the clear blue skies and sparkling seas surrounding this cliff-side town.

Isn’t Europe such a colourful place? What’s the most pantone perfect place you’ve visited?