RAM Tracking Q&A | Leger Coach Holidays

Leger Holidays Silver Service coach that utilises RAM Tracking.

Established in 2004 by industry experts, RAM Tracking has over 50,000 GPS vehicle tracking systems on the road for 7,500 customers!

As a holiday company that relies heavily on our vehicles, here at Leger, we wanted to ensure we had the most efficient technology to help us maximise our customer’s experience and satisfaction.

We needed a way to keep track of our vehicles, at all times, to ensure we had the most efficient route planning, to help us minimise delays and manage customers’ expectations.

After doing some research we decided RAM Tracking‘s vehicle tracking solutions were going to help us achieve this.

RAM Tracking interviewed our Operations Manager, Richard Oxspring, to find out about our experience with their Vehicle Tracking software. Read the full interview, below.

RAM Tracking: Why did you initially feel vehicle tracking was necessary for your fleet?

Richard: “We needed a way to not only improve our service for our customers but also ease the pressure for our staff. RAM Tracking’s Vehicle Tracking software does both by giving us live access to driver whereabouts at any given time. This means we are able to reduce queries about our vehicle whereabouts as we can now provide more accurate eta’s and are able to answer any queries in the first call rather than having to contact the driver and arrange a call back to the customer. Also, it was imperative in helping us to meet and exceed our business KPIs such as speed efficiency and fuel savings.”

RAM Tracking: Would you say therefore that RAM Tracking has helped you improve your own customer service levels?

Richard: “Yes without a shadow of a doubt.”

RT: Do you feel as though having vehicle tracking installed has improved the safety of your fleet?

Richard: ‘Yes definitely. Now that we have the vehicle tracking installed we no longer have to keep contacting our drivers to query their whereabouts as we can see their location straight away on our vehicle tracking dashboard. This means drivers are concentrating more on the job at hand and have less distractions whilst driving which makes us as a company feel more confident about the safety of our drivers when out and about on the road.”

RT: Did you shop around and consult and other vehicle tracking providers prior to choosing RAM Tracking? And if so how did you decided RAM tracking was the right company and product for you?

Richard: ‘We were actually recommended you by another company who used your vehicle trackers and were very impressed with your product themselves. We did still look at other companies but decided to go with RAM Tracking as they seemed to have a more competitive price compared to other tracking companies and more features and functionality.”

RT: What are the main benefits have you seen to your business since having tracking installed?

Richard: “RAM Tracking vehicle tracking gives us quick and accurate access to our vehicle locations allowing us to easily monitor out fleet and keep our customers accurately informed and up to date with estimated times of arrival.”

RT: Have you noticed any cost saving benefits since having vehicle tracking installed on your vehicles:

Richard: “We have definitely noticed an improvement on fuel costs as the vehicle tracking software has allowed us to massively reduce idling of our vehicles which we’ve been closely monitoring through idling reports. This also makes us feel better as a company as we’re now being more environmentally friendly.”

RT: Can you describe the RAM Tracking product and service you have received in 3 words?

Richard: “Efficient, accurate and time-saving.”

To find out more about our vehicle tracking solutions call RAM Tracking today on 0330 100 3622 or visit their site at www.ramtracking.com. 

Will you be my Valentine? From hearts to hogs, Valentine's Day around the world

Ah… being in love, there’s nothing quite like it, so it’s no surprise that countries from all over the world have a special day dedicated to celebrating ‘that special someone’… Valentine’s Day.

So, wouldn’t you like to know a little more about the different Valentine’s Day traditions, past and present from countries near and far?
Whilst some are what you might expect – traditional chocolate hearts and bright cards scrawled with adoring messages – there are others that are a little unorthodox!
So, if you’re looking for a truly unique way to surprise your loved one this Valentine’s Day, we might just be able to help!


Let’s start with one that’s a little out of the ordinary, shall we?
Although the celebration of Valentine’s Day in Germany is not as commercial as it is in places such as the UK and America, it’s a popular tradition with the locals there.
And, whilst lovers will exchange gifts of chocolates, flowers, and gingerbread cookies displaying romantic messages, they also like to exchange… pigs!
Yes, that’s right, pigs! Pictures of pigs, chocolate pigs, statues of pigs… even a real pig for those who want to really go for it!
In the country, the pig symbolises lust and luck.
It’s also pink, and so we can see why this little animal could be synonymous with the festival of love.


Going back to a more traditional way of celebrating one’s love for another, in Italy, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by way of a classic spring festival.
Couples shower each other with romantic poems, enjoy sweet ballads and scrumptious meals together, and often exchange boxes of ‘baci perugina’ – chocolate hazelnut ‘kisses’.
However, Italy also has a strange legacy surrounding its Valentine’s traditions, which states that the first man a girls sees when she wakes on February the 14th, she will marry within the next year…
To all those singles out there, keep an eye out this Wednesday morning!

South Africa

If you’re a hopeless romantic who likes to wear their heart on their sleeve, then the South African Valentine’s tradition might just be the one for you.
As well as the traditional celebrations, women in South Africa can often be seen to, quite literally, wear their hearts on their sleeves, by pinning the names of their significant others (or crushes!) to the sleeves of their tops.
A perfect way to let that special someone know you’re interested, perhaps?


In China, they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day exactly, but they do celebrate Qixi.
During Qixi, young women gather, prepare and offer fruits to Zhinu, in the hope that the goddess will send them a good husband.
Qixi falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month each year and pays homage to an old Chinese legend.
It is said that Zhinu, a heavenly king’s daughter, and Niulang, a poor cow herder, fell in love (against Zhinu’s father’s wishes), married and had twins.
Once her father learned of their marriage, he sent for her to be brought back to the heavens.
However, upon hearing the cries of Niulang and her children, the king allowed Zhinu to meet Niulang back on Earth, once a year, hence the start of Qixi.


And finally, we have Denmark, located in Scandinavia which adds its own little Danish twist to this celebration of love.
Whilst friends and lovers in the country do exchange flowers, it’s not the traditional red rose, as the Danes instead swap pressed snowdrops to show their love.
It’s also common for men to give their secret admirers a ‘gaekkebrev’, which is a form of funny love poem presented on intricately cut paper.
For even more fun, the poems are signed off as anonymous and the receiver then has three guesses to work out who their poem is from.
If guessed correctly, the receiver will also be given an Easter egg by their admirer, later in the year.
If not, they must be the ones to buy the admirer an Easter egg – a great way to keep the gift-giving going, and get even more chocolate!
If this blog has given you some inspiration for a unique gift, or maybe even a unique trip, visit our website and discover a world of romance!


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Make your Mother’s Day this March

Childs mothers day painting

By Margo

Before you buy your mum a gift this Mother’s Day, I want you to think back to when you were younger. Back to the days when you used to paint your mum’s portrait (although it often resembled a warped pink splodge with a smiling face), make her macaroni jewellery or heroically volunteer to take on the washing up for a day. You know, as an extra special treat!

I know what you’re thinking, ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and you’re right it was. But now that we’ve grown up, it’s time to make amends for all those crafty creations and really treat the women who resolutely admired them for all those years.
Now, it’s a well-known fact that we girls aren’t adverse to a bit of shopping now and again. So, what better excuse to indulge in this pastime than booking a spending spree away together for her Mother’s Day present?
Whether it’s Paris, Venice or Rome, Europe is packed with exciting shopping destinations and experiences you’ll both remember for years to come. So rather than forking out for flowers, chocolates and potpourri again this March, why not book yourselves an unforgettable trip together instead?
My top shopping suggestion, and one of our most popular choices for mother-and-daughter breaks at Leger, is the German Christmas Markets. Enjoying a spot of retail therapy is one thing, but enjoying it at Christmas is a whole different kettle of fish. And, if your mum is anything like mine, she’ll be at her retail peak at this time of year. There’s always one more present she has to buy or another bauble the tree just wouldn’t look right without!
With their picturesque locations, authentic stalls and fantastic foods, a trip to the German market is a gesture your mum will cherish forever. And, with plenty of time to enjoy the pre-holiday build up; it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Be warned though, I would definitely recommend taking an extra suitcase for all the treasures you’ll bring home.
For those of you whose mothers are not as keen on shopping, there are plenty of other great getaway ideas out there so step away from the forecourt flower stand! From the Beautiful Bulbfields of Holland to the geared up atmosphere of a Grand Prix, there are so many great places and events that you could be looking forward to. If you’re still stuck for suggestions you can always give me and the rest of the reservation teams a shout, there really is no excuse for not making your mother’s day this year.
What trip would you go on to treat your mum for Mother’s Day? Share your ideas by writing a post below. What’s more, if this has inspired you to book a trip, why not visit www.leger.co.uk, where you’ll find endless of options of tours and customer testimonials.
Image courtesy of Flikr user: Nojhan

What creature comforts do you take on holiday?

Creature Comforts

by Margo

Yorkshire Tea, secret sachets of HP or a bag of cheesy Wotsits…we’ve all been guilty of sneaking a little taste of home into our suitcase before.
Taking creature comforts abroad is a well-known British traveller trait. But where do we draw the line on this secretive yet widespread habit? Is it travel slippers and a box-set of Corrie stashed under a towel? Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for comfort and ease here at Leger, ask anyone who’s travelled with us (especially those who use our Silver Service). However, there are those who say that too many home comforts can be a bad thing. They believe that they hold us back from enjoying the new and exciting experiences available, but what do you think?
Arguably, to truly escape, you should immerse yourself in new cultures and what they have to offer. But surely that doesn’t have to come at the expense of our peace of mind or enjoyment?
For the team here at Leger, a holiday should strike a balance of the two and that’s what we love about escorted coaching. Coach travel provides choice, comfort and countless opportunities to explore at your own pace.
Despite what the cynics might say, you don’t have to trek barefoot and eat bugs to truly get to the heart of a country. And, if you’re anything like us, your days of living from a backpack will be well and truly over – so why not enjoy the best of both worlds?

Creature Comforts by Margo

To unwind and relax, we believe in good company, good advice and a good cuppa when we need it. We also think travelling with an informed guide and well-picked itinerary helps broaden our horizons even further, allowing us to delve deeper into a destination than we would ever dare to alone. It’s simple really. At the end of a day’s exploring, we want to feel safe and catered for. And if that means a Hobnob and a memory foam neck pillow then so be it! It’s your holiday and you should enjoy it your way.
What home comforts do you like to travel with? Share your thoughts by posting a comment below. What’s more, if this post has inspired you to travel further afield, why not visit us at www.Leger.co.uk where you’ll find lots of inspirational tours and customer testimonials.
Image courtesy of flickr user Tim . Simpson

Ideas for a Bucket List

Picking the Bucket (List)!

by Margo

Over at Leger HQ today, we’ve been chatting about bucket lists. The bucket list, put bluntly, is a list of achievements that you want to have accomplished by the time you (and pardon the phrase) ‘kick the bucket’. Believed to have been sparked by a film starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, bucket lists are about making the most of your time and getting the things you want out of life. This philosophy is something we’re very passionate about at Leger, so the team have asked me to explore further.

Picking the Bucket (List!) by Margo

Now, I’ve never really been one for lists myself (opting for a more spontaneous approach to life) but I can certainly see why people have caught on to this trend. With so much to occupy us in our daily lives, it’s easy to get side-tracked. However, a good, well-planned list will give you back your focus and help you keep on track.
Chatting in the office here at Leger, no two lists are the same and, I’ll tell you what, hearing about everyone’s choices certainly adds weight to the phrase ‘each to their own’. From kayaking with killer whales to walking in Memphis, there’s plenty of variety to be found. One common theme you will always find though is travel.
Whether it’s a personal Battlefield pilgrimage or a tour of America, everyone has a journey they long to take or place they’d love to see. Working in the sales team, I often take calls from people booking breaks to their dream destinations and I must say it’s one of the best parts of my job. Helping people visit their perfect place (and make the most of it) is a great feeling. Their excitement can be infectious and it always puts a big grin on my face.
Having been lucky enough to travel across the world through my job, I’m often asked to advise on what locations I think should make the cut. So, I thought I’d share my pearls of wisdom here with you. Here are my top three suggestions for those wanting to add a few more stops on their bucket list tour….

  1. Sorrento, Italy – Italy offers such a great variety of culture, scenes and activities. It’s one of my favourite places in the world and if you haven’t seen it yet you really should. Sorrento is a particularly beautiful place and our tour will take you to all the top spots too.
  2. Moscow, Russia – Russia has such a deep and different culture and its vibrant capital,Moscow, offers a plethora of places to visit. From St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Red Square, to the Kremlin and Novodevichy Convent it really has got it all so make sure you’ve got this one on your list!
  3. Christmas on the Rhine – You’ll never experience a festive atmosphere like the smells, sights and sounds you’ll find at a European Christmas market. The Magical Markets of the Rhine Valley tour is one of my personal faves as it combines my love of travel with plenty of culture and shopping too.

Well, that’s your lot but I’m sure I’ll be back again soon. Do let us know what your bucket list includes in the comments below.