A Grand Alpine Adventure by Carole Russell

As a 73-year-old lady not used to travelling alone, I was very apprehensive about going on holiday, but one of the best decisions I ever made was to go on the Grand Alpine Adventure in August last year. The Silver Service coach was beyond all my expectations and, once we’d crossed the channel I really felt the adventure was beginning

Right at the start Stuart, one of our drivers, said “remember, you are not on holiday – you are on tour!” We very quickly understood what he meant.  Staying in no less than 9 hotels over a 2 week period certainly meant having to be organised with the packing and, if you are expecting a relaxing, restful holiday, do NOT go on this tour!

One of our first visits was to a wine tasting in the Rhine Valley. What better way to get me talking to my fellow travellers who I was to share the next 2 weeks with!

We had so many wonderful experiences and saw the most spectacular sights, travelling through the Alps and Lakes of Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and France.

I was simply enchanted by all of the towns we visited, particularly Rothenburg, Innsbruck and Salzburg, feeling I was part of a storybook. And the Alpine regions we visited – welI the splendour, magnificence and beauty of what I saw was simply awe inspiring.

You’d have thought one mountain would look much the same as another, but every area we went to, the scenery was so spectacularly different.  We stayed in some lovely hotels along the way and the variety of food was excellent.

The only lady amongst five other ‘singlies’, I wonder if I may have earned a bit of a reputation as we did tend to end up together as a group!  But the whole camaraderie of all the passengers and crew was really good and I felt very safe and secure.

I would certainly say to anyone who is on their own that this type of holiday is probably the best they can take.  You can spend time on your own when you want, but there is always someone else around who will happily have you join them for a meal, or whatever.

Our crew, Stuart and Ralph, were tireless in their endeavours to ensure everyone was happy and that everything ran like clockwork.  Their commentaries were so informative and interesting and their driving – well how they get that huge coach around those Alpine bends beats me!

I very soon decided that I wanted to experience more of the world with Leger as it is such a splendid way to have holidays, particularly when you are travelling alone. So I’m off again soon, this time to Eastern Europe. Who wants to lay on a beach when you can go on tour!

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