Top Tips to get Your Air Holiday off to a Flying Start

To celebrate our new booking system, allowing you to now book your fly and tour holidays online, we’ve pulled together some of our top tips to get your next air holiday off to a flying start.

It’s the quickest way to get to your destination and the views from thousands of feet up aren’t too bad either.
Every three seconds, an aeroplane somewhere in the world is taking off and, it’s safe to say, we’ve come a long way since the Wright Brothers first took flight.

Roll your clothes when packing

Cramming all of your clothes into a suitcase is one of the biggest headaches when getting ready to head off on holiday.
At some point, we will have all come across that time when sitting on top of your suitcase has been the best solution to getting it to close.
A great tip is to roll your clothes, rather than fold them, to save room. Rolling compresses your clothes allowing you to find a lot more space to tuck your items into. You’ll also avoid the majority of crease marks you get from folding.

Arrive in Plenty of Time

It definitely pays to be prepared. Before you journey, check the traffic reports and make sure you have plenty of time to get to the airport.
Arriving early definitely has its benefits. If your seats aren’t pre-booked, you’re more likely to sit together. If upgrades are on offer, the early bird really does catch the worm. And to top it off, you can spend more time making the most of the duty free.
A great tip is to check in online. When given the option, always take it. It saves you time, and with some airlines, money.

Speed up your Security Check

The ever complicated security systems at airports can be one of the most frustrating experiences of your journey.
Be prepared, pack all non-essential liquids in your hold luggage, try and keep your pockets empty and avoid wearing a belt. Keeping electricals at the top of your bag will make it far easier to get them onto the tray ready to be scanned, too.
A good tip is to follow the business flyers. It may be a longer line, but avoiding queues with larger parties and children could save you a lot of time, frequent flyers will more than likely be prepared to pass through as quickly as possible.

Dress smartly…

And not in the way you’d think. The best way to fly is by wearing comfortable layers. From hoodies to scarves, these casual numbers offer a lot more than you may think.
Whilst you’re benefiting from the comfort of casual clothes there’s even more benefits to enjoy by leaving the shirts or dresses at home.
Pull up your hood to block out the cabin noise whilst sleeping, roll up your scarf to use as a pillow and by layering up you’re more than prepared for the changing temperatures from your home to your destination.

Stay Hydrated

Dry mouth, rough skin and your lips feeling a bit tight, the recycled air flowing around the cabin has a lot to answer for.
Fear not, these can all be eradicated by just keeping hydrated. It’s recommended that you drink around 0.2 litres of water every hour or two whilst you’re in the air.
Keep this in mind and don’t forget to drink a little more if you’re going to have a coffee or alcohol and you’re well on your way to a more comfortable flight.

Earplugs and Eye Masks

Simple, yet effective. If you’re looking to sleep through your journey, these little objects will work a treat, by regulating your circadian rhythms.
Your circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioural changes that are responsive to light and dark, block it out and your body will be tricked into thinking it’s time to go to sleep.
With sunlight bouncing off the clouds below and the cabin noise around you, these simple accessories will be worth their weight in gold.

Bring your own entertainment

Watch the time fly (excuse the pun), when you’re enjoying yourself.
You can bring that book that you’re really enjoying or stock up on magazines. Or, of course, you could just bring your tablet or smart phone on board with you.
You can load these up with TV programmes, films and music that will play even whilst using the aeroplane safe mode and you have a great variety of content that will keep you entertained until you land.

Keep Moving

It may sounds like the simplest of advice, but to move about whilst on an aeroplane can also be the best advice.
From stretching to taking regular walks about the plane, these simple activities will keep your blood flowing, prevent stiffness and reduce the risk of travel related conditions leaving you a very happy traveller when disembarking your plane.
With a great selection of escorted tours by air now available to book online, do you have any of your own flying tips to share?