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Japan is like no other, a country that is full to the brim with incredible and unique experiences that are simply impossible to replicate anywhere else. Japan is a place that is simply iconic. From volcanic mountains, towering over lakes, imposing on the skyline for miles around, to picturesque cherry blossoms trees, swaying in the breeze, temples seemingly as old as time itself, the towering skyscrapers of a modern capital city sitting alongside shrines of Emperors past, the blend between the ancient and the modern intertwine perfectly providing a truly fascinating destination, just waiting to be explored. On an escorted tour of Japan, you can be sure that you will see the very best that this fascinating country has to offer, From Tokyo to Kyoto, Osaka and Matsumoto, visiting the most iconic locations such as Mount Fuji, Kegon Falls and the most beautiful gardens the islands have to offer, this is a worldwide destination you can’t help but to fall in love with.

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If you’re looking for both history and beautiful scenery, Japan has a multitude of offerings including ancient temples and shrines, refined gardens and cosmopolitan cityscapes.

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Uncover Japan – The Land of the Rising Sun

Discover Japan on this adventure through Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Kyoto and Osaka, and uncover the true delights of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Tour Includes

  • 10 nights hotel with continental breakfast
  • 2 light lunches
  • Return flights to Tokyo & from Kansai/Osaka with one checked-in...
  • Airport transfers in Japan
13 days from only £4099pp £8198 for 2 people