Luxuria coach travel

In 2003 we introduced our Silver Service coach which set the standard for added comfort and style whilst travelling across Europe. Many of you have been asking “what next?”... the answer is Luxuria...

From the outside, Luxuria looks elegant and stylish. Step on board and the luxury continues. Passenger comfort was top of our list when we came up with the idea for Luxuria, and this is evident from the moment you sink into the soft, wide seats.

The legroom onboard really is as generous as we could make it, the moveable headrest will ensure you’re as comfortable as possible, and the design of this particular vehicle means you’ll benefit from a lot more personal space, adding to the already extremely spacious interior.

Along with climate control, on board servery, toilet and washroom, personal tables and porterage at most hotels, across the coach there are just three seats rather than the usual four, meaning each armchairstyle luxury seat is wider and has more personal space around it for a more comfortable journey.


Departure times given for each region are approximate. Please check your travel documents to confirm the actual timings.

Front row seats can be reserved for £15pp (up to 6 days duration), £25pp (7 and 8 days duration), £30pp (9 to 11 days) or £35pp (12 days or more) on all European tours. This offer is only available for bookings of two or four persons on our Executive and Silver Service coaches and for one or two persons on our Luxuria coaches and is subject to availability. In addition to this, seats on the second row can be reserved for a supplement of £8pp (up to 6 days duration), £15pp (7 and 8 days duration), £18pp (9 to 11 days) or £22pp (12 days or more).

Guaranteed front or second row seats cannot be reserved on transfer journeys to/from the UK port. Occasionally, front and second row seats may be on a request only basis.

Please note: children under 15 years of age are not permitted to sit in the front seats of any coach.

On some coaches the legroom on front seats, central view seats and seats directly in front of the washroom may be slightly less than that available on other seats due to the presence of a modesty board in front.

If your tour is cancelled or merged for any reason and front or second row seats or central view seats or table seats are not available on your tour, you will be refunded any supplement paid. No other compensation will be payable.

Alternatively, we can take seating requests on your booking. However, requests are not guaranteed. All seat numbers are confirmed on travel documents approximately 7-10 days prior to departure.

Central View Seats are available to pre-book free of charge.

Table Seats are available to pre-book free of charge on our Luxuria coaches.

We guarantee that all passengers on the same booking will be seated together on the main tour coach. Seats on the transfer coaches to and from the interchange are not allocated.
Hot and cold drinks are served on your main tour coach. Prices are approximately £1 or €1.25 Euro per drink. Prices will be confirmed by your driver.

Transfer coaches are routed approximately 2-3 weeks before departure. The route taken depends on where passengers are booked to travel from on any particular date as to which route is taken. If you require further detailed information regarding the route to the port you can contact our Customer Service Department on 01709 830333 two weeks before you are due to travel.

With regard to the route taken by the main tour coach, this is determined by the driver.

All main tour coaches have on-board toilets. Transfer vehicles to and from the interchange may not have on-board toilets. When non-British coaches are used on transfers and tours (air holidays only) an on-board toilet may not be available. However, comfort stops will be made during long journeys.
All coaches feature air-conditioning. Should the air-conditioning system break down for a period exceeding 12 hours, compensation will be awarded up to a maximum of £10 per fare-paying passenger per tour.
All our coaches and transfer vehicles operate a 'no smoking on board policy'. The use of electronic cigarettes is strictly forbidden.
In the interest of fellow guests, do not take hot food or ice cream on board.
Customers own alcohol cannot be consumed on board our vehicles.
Depending on the location of your pickup point, you may be picked up by coach (not necessarily the one you are touring on), minibus, taxi, National Express or Megabus service. You may then be taken to another centralised pickup location or service station. We operate a passenger interchange at Stop 24 Services, where you will meet the tour coach you are holidaying on and then continue on with your outbound journey. Similarly, on the way home, you may also change transfer vehicles at another location, to take you to your final drop off point.
Your allowance is one medium sized suitcase per person, which should weigh no more than 20kg when full. We may refuse to carry larger or heavier cases. Hand luggage should be stored in the overhead racks aboard the coach. Nothing should be stored under your seat.
Luxuria - Charging sockets
  • Deluxe armchair-style seats with leather exterior, central arm rests* with cup holders and retractable calf rests give you a more comfortable journey.
  • Every seat has its own, fully interactive, touch screen T.V. offering a wide choice of entertainment so you can control what you want to watch and when.
  • There’s also a selection of double and single seats, including four seats face-to-face with tables. And with a total of 5 single seats available, these are ideal for passengers travelling independently.
  • Plug sockets and USB points at each seat mean you can keep your devices fully charged throughout your journey.
  • Onboard toilet.

*Face to face seats are forward and rear facing with a table and will not have a calf rest.

Want to travel in luxury on our Luxuria coach? We have over 100 tours available across Europe

Entertainment system

A fully interactive entertainment system at your finger tips...

With a vast entertainment system built into to the fully-interactive, touch-screen T.V.s, you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied as you travel. And with an adjustable monitor angle of up to 60º, you’ll get a good view regardless of the position of the seat in front of you.

Your Journey

Follow the road using the picture from the front view camera. If you want to know where you are or how many miles it is to your final destination, just one touch will give you your current position and information on the distance to your next stop.


Watch movies come alive on your own personal monitor with high picture quality. With a wide selection of movies to suit all tastes, you can sit back and relax in your armchair-style luxury seat and listen to your own personal headphones without disturbing others.


How often do you find time to just sit back and listen to music? Your journey is the perfect opportunity to relax and take some ‘me time’, listening to our broad selection of music to suit all tastes.


Test your wit and skills or stimulate your mind on an exciting game from our onboard collection.

Want to travel in luxury on our Luxuria coach? We have over 100 tours available across Europe

Seating Plan & Gallery

luxuria seating plan

Please note, this diagram is for illustration purposes only and is not to scale. The configuration may differ to that shown.

Find your nearest pickup point

You can join your coach at your nearest joining point – we’ve hundreds to choose from throughout England, Scotland and Wales. To find your nearest pick up, search using your postcode below.

    Want to travel in luxury on our Luxuria coach? We have over 70 tours available across Europe

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