Comfort and Camaraderie

A customer review by Eddie Thompson

When the good people at Leger Holidays asked me to write a post on my experiences of their tours, over a decade of great memories came back to me. My wife sadly passed away last year, but some of my fondest recollections are of our numerous trips together across Spain, France and Italy. In fact, you can pretty much name any Leger European tour and I’d bet you a pound to a penny we’d been on it (at least twice). We were quite the travelling twosome!

Nowadays, I travel with the friends I’ve made over the years on Leger tours and we already have some exciting trips lined up for 2013; Picturebook Italy in March followed by the Costa Brava in April. I’ve not decided on my summer holidays yet though, I’m still waiting to hear what the rest of the gang fancy!
But it’s not just the great company on board that keeps me coming back to Leger. Over the years, I’ve become quite attached to the Silver Service coaches it offers and I wouldn’t want to compromise on the kind of comfort they provide ever again.
You see, for me, when you’re going on an amazing holiday you want to make the most of your experience and it’s often the little things that can make the biggest difference. For instance, I’m 6ft 4in, so you could say I’m a little on the tall side! Due to my height, I’ve always found travelling long distances in cars, trains or coaches uncomfortable. On a Silver Service coach, however, the extra legroom means my legs don’t get stiff after just minutes in my seat or (even worse) seize up when I attempt to get off the coach (leaving me hobbling down the aisle like Bambi)!
Having a bit of banter on board isn’t for everyone but, for a chatterbox like me, it’s essential and that’s where the rear lounge areas found in Silver Service coaches come in handy too. As the social type, I like to escape my seat every now and then, raid the on-board games supply and create my very own travelling games room. And, as nice as it is to sit and watch the world go by, there aren’t many that can resist coming up for a game of rummy, brag or pontoon once we get going! I recall one trip to Sorrento and the Neapolitan Riviera where we had a rummy league running throughout the whole tour. Unfortunately, I was at rock bottom throughout the contest but I made some brilliant friends that day; friends that I still go on tours with today.
Along with the comfort and camaraderie, I have to say that it’s the drivers that really make Leger the right company for me. Not only are they experts in their fields but they continue to make each and every journey a pleasure with their witty jokes and insider knowledge. John and Tony are amongst my favourite characters. I’ve travelled with them both countless times and they always make me laugh non-stop. They’re driving my Picturebook Italy trip in March and I can’t wait to hear the latest news they have to offer and share in a joke or two along the journey.
For more information about our Silver Service coaches, or any other Leger Holidays tours, hop on to the website or give our friendly sales team a call.

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