Alfred the Great

Alfred the Great

Visit: Alfred the Great, Battlefields

With a heritage going back over many decades, Holts has become synonymous for high quality in-depth Battlefield and Historical tours. In the following collection of tours, we have focused on a selection of Historical tours covering a period of British History over the past centuries. All of these tours are led by Dr. Michael Jones, who has been guiding tours for over 20 years and his particular interest is in battlefield psychology.

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    There is a wonderful irony in the fact that the only King of these Islands given the title ‘the Great’ is best known in popular mythology for burning the cakes! Can we get a bit closer to the man and his times? Alfred was a warrior, an administrator and a scholar. He was forced into the field in early youth, fighting against the Danes along the chalk ridges south of the Thames, including the crucial Saxon victory at the battle of Ashdown. In 878 the Danes again came in strength, overrunning Wessex by a surprise mid-winter attack on Alfred’s court at Chippenham and sending the King, with a small army of warriors, to a retreat to the fenland around Athelney in the depth of the Somerset marshes. This is the period of the absent-minded burning of the cakes and no wonder; Alfred had other things on his mind, planning to regain his kingdom and give security to his people. At the battle of Ethandun (878) the decisive defeat of the Danish armies was followed by the Treaty of Wedmore. The King could now turn to pleasanter tasks, bringing over scholars to revive English learning, translating Bede’s Latin Bible into Anglo Saxon and initiating the writing of the Anglo Saxon Chronicle. In the last 20 years of his life, he created an army to defend, and a system of fortified burghs, which grew into the towns (boroughs) we know today. Dr. Michael Jones will lead you through this fascinating period, helping you to decide if you think Alfred deserves the title ‘The Great’.

    Meet at the Holiday Inn Bristol City Centre by 14.00hrs. Introduction and background. We discuss the crucial Saxon victory at the Battle of Ashdown (871). Stay two nights in Bristol. Group dinner.

    • Included meals: Dinner

    Defeat, retreat and resurgence; We start today by looking at the attack at Chippenham and retreat to Athelney. We visit Aller, and later look at the decisive defeat of the Danish armies at the battle of Ethandun (878) and the Treaty of Wedmore. Group dinner.

    • Included meals: Breakfast, Dinner

    Building the burghs and encouraging learning. Visits to Cricklade and Malmesbury.Group lunch. Depart by 16.00hrs.

    • Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch

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    Your tour is led by Specialist Historical Guide Dr. Michael Jones who developed his love of history at Bristol University, and his interests range from the Middle Ages to the Second World War. He is the author of Bosworth 1485 - Psychology of a Battle and a battlefield guide to Agincourt. He has been guiding tours for over 20 years and his particular interest is in battlefield psychology. 

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