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With sensational cuisine and extensive local wine...

Harbor, Nice

Perfectly positioned and beautiful in its own right. It’s easy to see why our coach trips to France are amongst our most popular.

The picturesque countryside of Northern France, the breathtaking romance of Paris or the glamour of the French Riviera you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing where you’d like to go. With the sensational cuisine and extensive local wine list to accompany, it goes to show you don’t have to travel far to experience a fantastic adventure.

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Focus on: Paris and Bordeaux

A brief insight into two popular destinations...

Paris, France


Enjoy the capital of France, the romantic city and all its famous landmarks such as the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame.

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Bordeaux, France


Famed for its s Gothic Cathédrale St-André, Bordeux offers a delightful array of neoclassical architecture and vibrant city life.

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One for the camera

Just a few places your camera will love...

Mont Saint-Michel, France

Mont Saint-Michel

This walled city perched on a small granite outcrop is one of the most visited tourist attractions outside of Paris and is certainly picturesque.

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Pont du Gard, France

Pont du Gard

The Ancient Roman aqueduct crossing the Gardon River is a site you don’t want to miss. Get your cameras at the ready.

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Eiffel Tower, Paris

Eiffel Tower

Of course, when visiting Paris, you won’t be alone in capturing the famous Eiffel Tower, but it sure does make one great photograph.

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Tours to France available from £259

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