How to book online

Welcome to the online booking help section. Here you will find out how to book your holiday with our new online booking system. We have designed this process to be safe, quick and easy for you to book your tailored holiday with us.

Step 1: Accommodation

This step will present you with a list of available rooms for your holiday.


This step will present you with a list of available rooms for your holiday.


If there are no rooms available you will get this message:

Unfortunately there are no room allocations available for your specified passenger requirements. Please try a different date or give one our helpful reservations staff a call as they may be able to source alternative arrangements.

Please call our reservations staff if you get this message. One of our dedicated reservations personnel might be able to source alternative arrangements for this holiday.

Step 2: Departing

This step is for selecting your departure and return to locations.


Enter your postcode to help find a list of the closest departure locations. Once you have entered your postcode, you will be presented with a list of the 4 closest departure and return points. If you do not want to select from the suggested list, please use the drop down menus to select from all our departure and return points.


  • For coach holidays you need to select a departure city and return city.
  • For flight holidays you need to select a departure airport and return airport.
  • For rail holidays you will be picked up by coach and so you need to select a departure city and return city.
  • For sea cruises we pick you up locally by coach and take you onto the holiday port destination. You will need to select a departure city and return city.
  • If you do not know your postcode you can find it on the Royal Mail website.

Step 3: Extras

This step shows you any optional extras available for the holiday you are booking.


If you want to book and pay for any of the optional extras available at this stage you can select the number of extras by using the drop down menu. All extras are per person and you must book for each individual passenger. Some holidays have no holiday extras. You can skip this step if there are none.


Don’t worry if there are no extras presented. Some of our extras are only book able once you are on the holiday. Please click to the next step to continue your booking.

Step 4: Passenger details

This step is where we capture all your necessary passenger details and special requirements.


Fill in all the required fields and make sure passenger names match passport details.

Fill in any special requests or requirements you have for the holiday. If there are more people on the holiday you will be asked for their names and date of birth.


Your confirmation of booking will be sent to the email address you enter at this stage. Please make sure it is a valid address.

We treat all customer information with great care. You can view our privacy policy for full details.

To understand the full special requirements and request information we recommend you read the full details we have written.

Step 5: Insurance

This step allows you to buy holiday insurance from Leger or select your own.


Choose which insurance you would like from the drop down menu. This stage is optional. You can buy insurance at a later date.


You will be reminded to purchase insurance in your holiday confirmation documents. We offer very competitive insurance packages and full details of Gold Insurance and Standard Insurance are available.

You do not have to provide emergency contact details at this stage. You can provide these later, but it must be before you travel. You must have valid insurance to travel on Leger holidays.

Step 6: Payment

This step shows a review of your holiday to confirm the booking and then takes you to a payment screen.


Read through the holiday overview and make sure all your details are correct. If you want to amend details you can click "Edit this option" or use the back button.

Paying online:

Paying for your holiday can be done by credit card (2% charge) or debit card (no charge). You are required to pay a deposit or the full amount. This will be shown at the top of the page in the holiday price breakdown table. Fill in all your credit card and address details and tick the box stating you have read and understood the booking conditions. Then click "Pay for my holiday" and wait for the confirmation screen to give you a booking ID. Your booking is now complete!

Paying by phone:

At the bottom of the page you will find a booking reference number. You can call our reservations team and quote your booking reference number to pay for your holiday over the phone.


You must make sure all passenger names have been entered correctly and match your passport. Changes to names once the booking has been made may incur a charge.

Make sure the address on this page is the one of the card holder.

What is my CVV Number? - CVV stands for Card Verification Value. It is a three-digit number imprinted on the signature panel of cards. It is an anti-fraud feature of your credit card that is used for transactions where the card is not shown in person. By requiring the CVV, we can verify that you are in possession of your card. The CVV now appears on most major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Online Safety

Leger holidays have taken every step to ensure your personal details and shopping experience is safe and secure. For more advice on shopping safely online, please visit Get Safe Online.