Getaway, What a Great Gift!

Getaway, What a Great Gift!

By Anita Rogers

When it comes to presents, I suppose I’m a little tricky to buy for. I tend to receive a lot of chocolates (although I’m nearly always on a diet) and there are only so many bath sets a woman needs! That’s why I love the idea of receiving (and giving) a getaway gift.

Whether it’s Valentines’ Day, Fathers’ Day or a birthday celebration, arranging a holiday for those you love is not just an original present but a thoughtful one too. Firstly, a well-chosen trip shows that you pay attention to a person’s interests. Secondly, it provides the recipient with an ideal opportunity to indulge in their favourite places or pastimes without any guilt. And finally, as you’ll most likely book the trip as a pair or group, you could get the added benefit of sharing the trip together.

I think that Leger’s ‘See it Live’ tours make perfect gifts. They’re short, affordable and full of great things to do. Late last year, I went on The Grand Prix tour in Belgium where we filmed a promotional video by the track (which will be available to view here soon). During my 25 years with Leger, I’ve also been lucky enough to experience a few more of these tours too, including Ladies Day at Ascot and the Chelsea Flower Show. And I have to say, I’d be glad to experience any one of them again (hint, hint)!

Winners circle at Ascot
Ladies day at Ascot

Each one offered something totally different to the next, whether it was picking up a rare plant at the flower show, having a flutter on the horses or hearing the roar of an F1 race car from the track side. In my opinion, there’s no better way to see a live event than to get close to the action and experience the atmosphere first-hand.

Brussels Jazz marathon stage
Brussels Jazz Marathon Festival

Should any of my friends or family happen to read this post in time for my birthday, I would very much like a weekend in Brussels to see the Jazz Marathon festival. I also think that the Paris Tour de France would make an amazing gift. If there’s anyone else out there who’s sick at the sight of socks, do let us know and we can pop a strategically-timed brochure in the post for you. Feel free to get in touch with your suggestions for new live tours too, we’re all ears.

Visit our website to read more about Leger Holidays’ See It Live tours.

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