Formula 1 Vs. MotoGP: Four Wheels or Two?

Now, we don’t want to undermine the love that we have for things such as family, partners, friends, maybe even pets and personal belongings… but, does anything really compare to the passion you have for your sport?

How many times have we been known to utter the words ‘after the race’, or turned down plans because, lets face it, if it’s on the TV, we’re watching it. Maybe you’ve even combined two of your loves, treating your other half to a romantic break, enjoying a race weekend in Europe. If so, you’re our sort of person.

But, we’re about to get controversial. Kind of like a popular card game, we’re pinning two of Motorsports greatest against one another. So, what is better? Four wheels or two? Let the battle commence! Formula 1 Vs. MotoGP … who wins? Let us know in the comments.

Formula 1 cars and MotoGP bikes are powerful machines, built within their own regulations to produce and perfect the fastest, most streamlined piece of machinery in their field.

Every team looks to draw out that little bit of extra performance to put them ahead. Both of these unique motorsports are thrilling to watch, and the differences between four and two wheels can be seen below.

Formula 1 Vs. Moto GP Specs

But, that’s the machines. What about the circuits? Iconic tracks make for exciting races and we’ve chosen two of our favourite to battle it out below.

Formula 1 Vs. MotoGP Track Information


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