Gallipoli Battlefields

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"If you are interested in the Gallipoli campaign this is a “must do trip”."

Mrs Roffee

Mrs Roffee


My husband, Brian, and I had always been interested in visiting Gallipoli and to see V Beach where his grandfather landed in 1915. We have been on three Gallipoli tours with Leger, with a 4th trip booked. The tour commences and ends in Istanbul, which is such a vibrant city with so much to see and do. We stayed at the Four Seasons hotel for both nights we were in the city. It was comfortable and the staff were both friendly and helpful. There is an excellent tram system to get around and there is a stop nearby. You can shop, haggle, explore, take a boat ride on the Bosphurus, visit the Blue Mosque or just sit and people watch. The tour allows time for you to explore at your own pace.

In contrast, the Gallipoli Peninsula is mainly farmland and a National Historic Park. Today it is very quiet and sparsely populated and unspoilt by urbanisation. It’s hard to imagine such a tranquil place was the scene of such bloodshed. Peter, who has been our guide on all three trips, is very knowledgeable on the campaign, so each battlefield site/memorial/cemetery we visited he described and explained the various battles that took place.

Once on the Peninsula, the sites are very close so there were frequent stops and walking between points of interest. Visits made included Helles Memorial, Anzac Cove, Walkers Ridge, Sulva Bay, the Abide Turkish Memorial, Seddulbahir, Lone Pine Cemetery and the French National Cemetery above Morto Bay. We were outside in the fresh air walking the various sites and there was always plenty of time to take photos and take in the views. You do need a pair of comfortable shoes. The coaches were clean and comfortable and the drivers were excellent. There has always been a knowledgeable Turkish guide as well, to give a Turkish view on the conflict and also to explain about the country.

Our accommodation for five nights was the Hotel Kum which is located on the Aegean coast between ‘Y’ Beach and Suvla Bay. Again, the staff were very friendly and helpful, the food was fresh, tasty, and there was always plenty to choose from. After a day out on the battlefields there is a tradition of watching the sun go down on the beach at the Hotel. Dinner, like breakfast, is self-service and it’s nice to have the opportunity to talk to people on the tour and to make new friends. It was good to have people from the USA and
Australia on the tours to get their view of the campaign.

The tour includes a trip across the Dardanelles to visit the Military/Naval Cimenlik Fort Museum at Canakkale and to board a replica of the Turkish minelayer, the Nusrat, and then on to visit Troy.
We have been on Leger WW1 battlefield tours before, and to the Monaco Grand Prix and the standard has been consistently good. If you are interested in the Gallipoli campaign this is a “must do trip”.

  • Mrs Roffee