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Fareo Islands

Cruising the Faroes and Scottish Highlands

8 days from £799 per person

Taking you north to the remote and beautiful Faroe Islands and delightful Scottish Highlands and...

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Greek Islands & Italy with a stay on Lake Garda

15 days from £1399 per person

Enjoy a four-night stay on picturesque Lake Garda, then a luxurious cruise around the...

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Cruising the Majestic Fjordland & Oslo

10 days from £949 per person

Discover spectacular fjordland scenery, where the green hillsides, majestic mountains and...

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Hints & Tips

A few hints and tips

  • Many churches and places of worship in Italy require visitors to be modestly dressed. Please make sure you cover your shoulders and knees.
  • In Italy bathroom towels tend to be on the smaller side, and are not necessarily replaced every day. Some hotels may replace towels if they have been left on the floor, but not those that are hanging to dry, however this is not a given rule.
  • Italy is proud of its public drinking fountains which bring fresh spring water direct from the natural springs and mountains via ancient aqueducts into towns and cities. When water is not safe at fountains it will say so, otherwise, take advantage of the delicious, clean, and free water. (Please note, even though Italian water is safe to drink, some people may be affected by the difference in mineral content).


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