Fire & Ice – The Wonders of Sicily, Italy & Austria

What our previous travellers have to say about this tour

"The coach was luxurious and comfortable. It was always clean and tidy, in fact it was a hotel on wheels."

Desmond & Sylvia

Des & Sylvia

"We selected this holiday, as it had a sign of adventure and an opportunity to explore cultures and history. At both main the hotels; Hotel Mary near Sorrento and Hotel Kennedy in Sicily, the staff were more than helpful. The rooms were comfortable and the outlook over the bay; amazing! The brandy was nice too and cheap.

The journey down had plenty of stops including overnight stays at city type hotels. The scenery all the way down from France through Switzerland and the Dolomites to Tuscany and Umbria was ever changing and spectacular. Lots of tunnels and viaducts and some scary drops.

The drivers, Roddy and Phil, were superb in handling our 43ft beast around all sorts of roads, as well as the motorways. They were very professional and we would certainly recommend traveling with them. The coach was luxurious and comfortable. It was always clean and tidy, in fact it was a hotel on wheels. Roddy and Phil worked hard and spent time on keeping the coach clean and still had time for our questions and a conversation.

We decided to do all of the excursions. Our favourites were the three volcanos Vesuvius, Etna and Stromboli. At 1200 metres high on Vesuvius to 3000metres on Etna in a 50mph gale, to drinking beer on the Island of Stromboli, standing next to these craters was indeed a thrill. Etna was a particular challenge as you drive up by coach to 1600metres then by Gondola and finally by Jeep Bus up the final track to the summit. What a drive!

We also enjoyed a boat trip around the island of Capri together with a walking tour where we were shown some of the historical evidence of the growth of the Island. As well as Capri we walked round the ruins of Pompeii which was quite eerie with a tour guide who amused us with her descriptions of the Roman red light district. Other walking tours included Sorrento, Taormina, and Syracuse. (The latter two being our favourites). We were taken around to see all the important sights with good explanations of the history.

Austria was breath taking. The scenery, the passes and the food unbelievable. The Hotel Sonnschein was a credit to its owner.
A wonderful tour well worth it. I am 70 my wife Sylvia 66 and we coped admirably with the early mornings, the walking (some gradients) and the different conditions in Southern Italy and Sicily.
Looking forward to next year.


"This is a holiday full of contrast, with a wow factor at every twist and turn."

Miss Rees

Miss Rees

"The glorious scenery of volcanoes, ancient ruins glaciers etc. Did not disappoint. Each day was packed with the most amazing, jaw dropping scenery and this coupled with the amount of information given to us, turned the holiday into an odyssey. As with previous Leger tours, we did all of the included and optional excursions.

It was an exciting prospect to visit places such as Capri, Sorrento, Syracuse, Taoromina and the wonders of Pompeii, Vesuvius, Stromboli, Mount Etna and the Grossglockner Glacier. Each one of the above, be it an island or an ancient site, had its own story to tell, and so, for us it was very difficult to choose a highlight or a favourite.

The Isle of Capri was awash with white dwellings, small and narrow alleyways and the most glorious flowers everywhere one looked. The crossing over to Stromboli on a luxury boat, to watch the volcano spilling out smoke and fire sparks could not be missed.
The ‘ice’ mentioned in the title was the Grossglockner Glacier. The drive to and from the glacier was unforgettable.

The itinerary was so varied, extensive and fantastic. Our tip would have to be to familiarise yourself beforehand, with both the schedule and the places mentioned, so as to fully appreciate the distances involved. There is considerable travelling on this tour.
Our drivers, Phil and Roddy could not be bettered - thoughtful, kind, careful, considerate and humorous. Our journeys had plenty of comfort stops and we were plied with plenty of refreshments. The coach was also comfortable and kept spotlessly clean.

On the whole the hotels were very comfortable, with good facilities. Many of the hotels, particularly in Sicily, had balconies which allowed us to enjoy the fabulous views and scenery.

This is our 3rd tour with Leger and given what is on offer to the customers, the company is unbeatable on price and comfort. Looking after their passengers is what they do best and therefore, their number one priority.

This is a holiday full of contrast, with a wow factor at every twist and turn.


"The excursions were all we had imagined, to see such historical sites as Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii and walk the paths that we had only read about and seen photographs was truly amazing."

Mr & Mrs Forster

Mr & Mrs Forster

"We had visited Lake Garda, Italy, with Leger a few years ago and enjoyed it so much that we wanted to go back and see more. The Fire and Ice Tour offered a holiday that we couldn’t refuse.

The scenery as we travelled through Europe and on into Italy was stunning and as we arrived at the Hotel in Sorrento for a three nights stay we felt assured that we weren’t going to be disappointed with our choice of holiday. The view from our balcony was equally amazing and the hotel staff were polite and courteous.

Our drivers Stuart and Ralph were attentive and always willing to help, their sense of humour and ‘likeability’ made the whole experience more enjoyable.

The excursions were all we had imagined, to see such historical sites as Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii and walk the paths that we had only read about and seen photographs was truly amazing. Our visit to Capri from the moment we left the hotel, the boat trip across to the island to our return journey back to the hotel was also memorable. Our guide took us on a walking tour through areas of Capri that we may not have visited had we been on our own, he was open and friendly and very approachable, also with a great sense of humour. During our visit to Capri we also went on an optional tour in a boat around this beautiful island with our guide pointing out places of interest as we sailed around. A most enjoyable day if tiring, was had by all.

From Sorrento we drove on to Sicily with its beautiful villages, a visit to Taormina with its Greek-Roman Theatre is a must, sitting on those ancient stone steps with Mount Etna, the biggest active volcano in Europe, in the background was a delight made more enjoyable by yet another excellent guide. Our visit to Mount Etna massive in area with vegetation and wild life (although not seen) was yet another eye opener that I wasn’t prepared for.

We left Sicily for Austria, stopping at Rome enroute for a short visit . In four days we went from 30° in Sicily to 3° in Austria, and it snowed! Even the locals weren’t expecting it, our visit to the snow covered Krimml Falls was cold but stunning.
Our short stay gave us the want to see more, so we are going back to Austria this year to enjoy more of their excellent hospitality.