Highlights of Holland

What our previous travellers have to say about this tour


Ian & Heather


This excellent five day coach tour began on a Monday and finished on a Friday.

With us living on the outskirts of Torquay, far away from the Leger hub of Folkestone, it necessitated a departure from Newton Abbott at 04.45am, joining our transfer coach at Bristol and journeying to the interchange at Folkestone, picking up passengers as we did so.

Last year, on our Fire and Ice Grand Tour to Sicily (a fantastic experience), we joined our tour coach at Dover – a venue we had previously used several times with Leger in recent years. However, the Dover interchange is no more and the Folkestone interchange was a new experience for us, but what a good one! We found that the Leger system at Folkestone was smooth and much quicker than in previous years at Dover, with the surroundings being pleasant and spacious, with plenty of seating. Indeed, we were soon on our way on our tour coach to Dover, with a quick hop on the ferry and it wasn’t long until we arrived in Calais.

Our tour drivers, Rob and Ricky, were both absolutely excellent. They combined their impressive driving skills with natural wit, experience and knowledge of the area that we were travelling into. Their service throughout our five day holiday was superb, with frequent lashings of tea, coffee, hot chocolate and a whole plethora of alcoholic beverages too numerous and complicated to mention!

We stayed in Holland throughout at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Zevenbergen and those of us who partook in the hotel evening meals were MOST impressed. The food was excellent and we found that the breakfasts were also fine. The bedrooms were very nice, albeit lacking in ‘drawer space’, but then we were staying in a typical North European hotel and they’re not the same as English hotels. I recall that previous hotels that we have stayed in in France and Belgium also lacked drawer space and relied on shelves. To sum up, the Golden Tulip in Zevenbergen was a very good hotel and ticked all the boxes.

We thought the entire itinerary was excellent. The days were long in terms of setting off at about 08.30a, each morning and not returning to the hotel until about 6.30pm. But, every day was filled to the gunnels with such interesting visits of great variety and our outward and return journeys to our hotel were always hampered by rush hour traffic, which just couldn’t be avoided.

One thing to beware of is the cyclists in Holland, or ‘The Netherlands’ as I understand it should be called. They are frightening! It took a few days after arriving back home to prevent myself from making 360 degree turns every two or three steps to see where the next cyclist was going to come at me from!

All too soon, we were making our return to England and we experienced another very good interchange on the French side. We just missed out on an earlier ferry – luck of the draw – and then came the long trip back to Devon. The joys of living in the South West meant that we were, understandably, one of the last few passengers to be delivered home. Despite all the various drop offs on our long journey back home, our arrival there was pretty much spot on to the paperwork time – well done to everyone and thank you!

So, another brilliantly enjoyed Leger holiday is under our belt and we have already turned our attentions to our next two tours. Thank you Leger, to all your hard working, patient, understanding and tolerant staff, who perform so well in making the hundreds and thousands of Leger holiday makers each year have such a great time, and experience some incredible sights, sounds and places around the world.