Splendours of the Algarve

What our previous travellers have to say about this tour

"There is something about the holiday that stayed in our minds for many weeks, even writing about it we get a little emotional – it was wonderful and was enhanced by our Silver Service crew."

Linda & Keith

Mr & Mrs Harper


We have enjoyed several wonderful holidays travelling on Legers Silver Service, so we decided to book the ‘Splendours of the Algarve’ because it is somewhere we have never visited before and it also gave us an opportunity to experience parts of Spain we would not otherwise see.

After travelling down to Portsmouth we boarded the Brittany Ferry ‘Pont Aven’. Once settled into our 2 berth cabin we went and explored the ferries facilities and then had an evening meal in one of the restaurants. The next morning after breakfast we had all day to relax. Up on the deck we sat in the sun and joined a group of Dolphin watchers! The following day we made our way down to Salamanca where we stayed for the night. It is a beautiful and historic university city, full of ancient buildings and individual shops.

Our six night stay at the 4* Tivoli Hotel in Carvoeiro, Portugal, is in an amazing setting, built into the rocks with a wonderful view of the sea – where there is a large cave on the beach below. The hotel has excellent facilities, a good choice of food and our bedroom was very comfortable. The staff were very friendly making our stay there very relaxing. All the excursions during our stay in Portugal were very different with many interesting places to visit and each day we had a tour guide who was very knowledgeable. We were sad to leave Carvoeiro as we had such a good time there.

After a good breakfast we moved up through Spain to Toledo, which we explored before our overnight stay.The next day we travelled onwards through the Basque region where we stopped off for a break at Burgos, something we will never forget. The buildings and architecture were fantastic. As we walked around the town we kept finding small back streets leading to ancient squares. That evening we booked into our hotel St Jean de Luz, France,. And then made a short walk into the town for a meal in one of the many restaurants where we were joined by two friends we had made on the holiday. St Jean de Luz is also a place which has left us with a lot of happy memories of our holiday.

There is something about the holiday that stayed in our minds for many weeks, even writing about it we get a little emotional – it was wonderful and was enhanced by our Silver Service crew, Caroline and Kevin, whose experience made every part of our adventure a comfortable and relaxing holiday.

In the past few years we have travelled with Leger to a number of fantastic destinations including Lake Como, The islands of Corsica and Sardinia, Fire and Ice Italy and Austria and Croatia. ON these tours we have made friends with a number of people and have kept in touch and met up with some of them. We always believe that a holiday is not only places you stay and visit but also the people you meet on your tour. Thank you Leger for all you do.


"Another successful and thoroughly enjoyable holiday with Leger has passed and life rushes on."

Elaine & Margaret


The journey to the Algarve was comfortable and smooth with the overnight ferry a relaxing start to the holiday. We did wonder whether it might have been better to have travelled back on the ferry when we’d all got to know each other, but maybe the logistics are not possible.

We enjoyed the visit to Salamanca with its impressive Cathedral, quirky streets and large square. Our guide made it an interesting visit and finished just in time to shoo us into bars and restaurants before the heavens opened. It was a good break in the journey.

We had read quite a lot about the Algarve before this trip so we were delighted with all the visits and tours around so many of the coastal and inland villages, enabling us to envisage the slow life that used to exit and envy the places where life is still measured and calm! Unfortunately, so many have been spoilt by indiscriminate hotel and apartment block buildings, undoubtedly for we tourists, However, our guide Suzannah enlightened us all on the history of the area and of Spain, Portugal and the north of Africa. What she didn’t know wasn’t worth knowing, I should imagine. We found it all fascinating and enriching, especially such details as the chimney pots and the proliferation of Norfolk pines.

The programme included a good range of outings such as the delightful cruise along the coast in a wonderful sailing ship. The young men sailing it, under the watchful eye of the owner, were easy to talk to and full of information about the towns, villages and beaches we passed. Those who visited the caves in dinghies came back full of wonder at all they had seen. Unfortunately, I had fractured my arm before the holiday so dared not risk being manhandled from one rocking boat down into a tiny bobbing dinghy several feet below!

The trip into the Sierra de Monchique proved a complete contrast to other days when the sun made everything shiny and cosy with warmth. We were engulfed in a heavy mist and as my old dad used to say “we viewed the mist and missed the view”. But my word, we learnt a lot about the flora, fauna and geology of the area from our guide. We are now experts on cork, cyanide rock, pine tree varieties, jacaranda, oleanda, bougainvillea, not to mention storks and their habits. Suzannah was such a super guide during the entire time she was with us. Once we were at the top we may have missed the views, but the handicraft shop provided more than enough to make the trip very worthwhile.

One of the reasons for choosing this holiday was that we fancied staying for six nights in one hotel and actually unpacking our cases. The hotel did not disappoint us. It was spacious, welcoming, comfortable, and provided everything we could need. There was a selection of food every day, morning, noon and evening, beautifully prepared, presented and cooked. We were utterly spoilt for choice and had no problem eating heartily each day in lovely surroundings, being served by charming staff with their ready smiles and appreciation of our awkward “obrigada”.

Our drivers were wonderful. They drove us so smoothly with such warmth and efficiency, caring for us all the way, and most certainly on the way home. They gave us plenty of information, not only on how the journey was panning out, but interesting snippets about places we were passing such as Seville and Madrid. They were always visible somewhere in the hotel, ready to acknowledge us and enquire whether we were enjoying ourselves.They shared things about themselves which made us care for them too, which was important on a long journey together. Nothing was too much trouble for them. What more could we have wished for? We had comfortable journeys, wonderful weather, superb sights, luxurious hotel, delicious meals, professional drivers who drove with a smoothness and Suzannah, a most audible, eloquent and knowledgeable guide.

So many thanks again to Leger. We are already searching the brochure for next year!