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The land of the sausage and the spud and the inventor of fast food as we know it! Germany packs a punch when it comes to delicious cuisine.

You may have guessed it but the hamburger really does hail from Germany. Originally known as the meat rissole – produced in Hamburg – was exported to become the guilty pleasure we’re used to now and the hot dog? Also a product of our German friends.

Whilst now these foods are notorious for being the greasy, once in a while treat, in Germany the foods are of such a high quality that they are in fact the go-to meal for any hungry local looking for a small meal.

The most popular type of Sausage you will find in Germany is, of course, the Bratwurst. Made from finely minced pork, grilled with a squeeze of sweet mustard. If you’re wanting to branch out a little you could give the Blutwurst a try, just like black pudding, the blutwurst is made with congealed blood, from either a pig or cow, sliced and eaten cold on bread.

And with the sausage, comes the potato side. Kartoffelpuffer is the popular potato pancake made from ground potatoes, flour, egg and onion. You can also sweeten it up with a dollop of apple sauce, a handful of blueberries and even cinnamon!

It wouldn’t be a German gastronomical experience without the schnitzel. A thin, boneless cut of meat, usually pork, coated in breadcrumbs and served with a slice of lemon.


Of course the main tipple in Germany is beer. The Germans are thought to be the first Europeans to make beer and they are most famous for their wheat beer.

Hefeweizen is the most popular. With a cloudy appearance and a banana like taste, it’s almost like drinking banana bread. Germany also has a healthy wine production.

The Moselle vineyards are some of the most northerly in the world, Riesling is increasingly popular not only in Germany but around the world.







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