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If you’re into healthy cooking, look away now. Traditional recipes thrive throughout the country and these delicious foods come with a high calorie, fat and sugar content. We go on holiday to enjoy ourselves though, right?

When eating Czech style, you will typically sit down for a 2 or more course meal. For starters you will find a hearty soup such as the potato soup known as a bramborová.

Dumplings (knedliky) will often be served as a side dish with many main dishes, made from either wheat or potato, and are made into large rolls and sliced. If dumplings aren’t your thing, the Czech also have a variation of potato side for everyone, boiled, baked and fried.

Svičková is a strange combination that the locals can’t get enough of. It consists of meat, sauce and … Whipped cream. Usually being s beef sirloin in a cream sauce, it is prepared with vegetables and spiced with black pepper and all spice and served with a cream topping with cranberry sauce and a slice of lemon.

Much like other central European countries, meat is a staple in most meals. Chicken, duck, fish, rabbit, turkey, and lamb all feature heavily in Czech cuisine and tend to be served in a sauce much like a goulash.

A traditional dessert is obviously the Czech Pancake, Palačinky. Served with ice cream, jam and fruits and topped with a good serving of whipped cream and almonds. A perfect end to a calorific treat.


Czech Republic is famous for its beer and you will more than likely find the phrase ‘Against great thirst and hunger’ written in the menus (it traditionally means food or snacks that go well with beer) and one thing is for certain, they know what goes well together.

‘Drowned’ Sausages are a beer delicacy, better known as Utopenci, the sausages are pickled in vinegar, oil, onion, red pepper and various spiced, or maybe if you don’t fancy the sausage, try the nakládaný hermelín (pickled ermine) a specially created soft cheese to perfectly accompany a nice glass of beer.

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