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Croatia is well known for its love of fresh seafood, especially around the coast of the Adriatic Sea, where the Croatian konobe, or restaurant,s have an almost limitless menu of fish.

The Dalmatian area of Croatia is known for its simple flavours that pack a punch, they say the food is strong and genuine, just like its people. Ranging from dishes such as salata od hobotnice, an octopus salad, to škrpina, or scorpion fish, to the more expensive lobster and oysters, they really do have it all.

The most popular way you will find your fish is grilled it almost as soon as it leaves the boat and are usually accompanied by Swiss chard, a spinach-like plant grown in Dalmatia with boiled potatoes and garlic.

Home-made pasta is a staple along the coast, served with a meat stew, usually lamb or beef, Dubrovnik and its nearby islands are famous for their ‘Dirty Macaroni’ that uses the meatiest goulash served with home-made macaroni and dusted with hard cheese.

If you’re wanting to eat truly Croatian, you will probably come across a peka. A peka is a metal lid covered in live coals. This is a traditional way of cooking in Croatia with popular ingredients being either veal, lamb or octopus along with a healthy dose of vegetables.

Despite being heavily influenced by meat and fish, Croatian cuisine also accommodates vegetarians. Bobići, a beand and sweetcorn stew and maneštra, a thick vegetable broth are both highly popular meals.

Dalmatia also produces some high quality olive oil as the olives grown in the country are known for their high antioxidant content and sharp, peppery taste.


When it comes to drink, Croatia doesn’t get left behind, in fact, it has its own cocktail. Much like the Mojito and the Cuba Libre, the cocktail is made using food and beverages specific to their country of origin. Created by award-winning Croatian barman and mixologist, Marin Nekic, the cocktail includes Zadar Maraschino, a cherry liqueur, sour cherry juice, fresh lemon juice and candied orange peel served on lots of ice. Sounds delicious!

Octopus Salad

Octopus Salad

Lamb cooked in a peka

Lamb cooked in a peka

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