Salzburg, Munich and Innsbruck Christmas Markets

What our previous travellers have to say about this tour

"We always felt we were in safe hands."

Mr & Mrs Griffiths

Mr & Mrs Griffiths


My husband John and I went on one of Leger’s Christmas Markets trips in December. There were so many choices, but we decided on Salzburg, Munich and Innsbruck. We know Salzburg quite well, but not in winter. We hadn’t been to Innsbruck for some years and wanted to see it again and Munich was to be a new experience for us.

We chose Leger and found the company to be well organised and efficient and the coach drivers to be helpful and courteous. Also, their Silver Service coaches are so comfortable too. John really enjoyed the armchairs at the back of the coach – not so much for the socialising but for having a quick sleep on the way back to the hotel. It’s also a great joy to hand over your suitcase at the pick-up and not see it again until we arrive at our hotel. Well, we weren’t disappointed in any way.

Our coach drivers, Cherie and Tim, were excellent and for anybody who scoffs at woman drivers, I can only say Cherie was just as good a driver as Tim, and as we sat in the front seat, I can assure you that there was some difficult driving to be done, both on motorways and mountain roads. We always felt we were in safe hands. Also, they were always full of information about the places we were visiting.

Our hotel – the Sonnschein – was excellent, with an English owner, very efficient and welcoming staff and a general ambience of Austrian charm. During our stay they had organised a Tyrolean evening for us, with a variety of music and thigh slapping dances. Some of the ladies of our party were quite breathless at the very short lederhosen! However, there was always enough breath left for some “strictly” type dancing, at which I’m glad to say we British held our own.

Another memorable event was a moonlight carriage ride, being drawn by a two horse team round the local villages. Great fun and lovely to go back into the hotel for a glass of mulled wine and a seat by the lovely open fire.

The Christmas Markets were great to wander around. It put us in the mood for Christmas but we also had time to explore. In Salzburg, we went into Tomaselli’s for coffee and cake. The waiter brought our coffee but we chose our cake from an enormous tray full carried round by the waitress. It is completely different to the modern coffee shops that have emerged over the last few years! You almost expect the Countess from the “Sound of Music” to be sitting there elegantly toying with a torte. We also went into the Cathedral, which had the most beautiful nativity scene with hand carved medieval figures.It was absolutely fascinating.  

Innsbruck was just as we remembered – very quaint and beautiful with the market stalls and little shops being so tempting. No Tomaselli’s, but coffee and apple strudel were nearly as good. In Munich we went into the Ratskeller, which was the place where Hitler used to rally support before World War Two. In its favour, it serves one of our all time favourite German/Austrian meals – Schweinshaxe with dumplings. An army marches on its stomach they say and I think we do too!

I must say here that meals at our hotel were also very good, breakfast especially set us up for the day. All in all I think you can see that we thoroughly enjoyed our trip and we’re looking forward to our next holiday with Leger. We’re going to Brittany and the patisserie shops had better start stocking up!