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Christmas Gift Guide

A helpful guide to popular Christmas gifts whilst your away...

Stuck for present ideas this year?

Is there only so many bath products and smellies that you can gift before people start take an unintentional hint? We’ve put together a perfect gift guide for you to pick up some great unique Christmas Presents whilst you’re away.

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Christmas market gift guide

Our Guide to popular Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts you will find in:

Swarvoski Kristallwelten

If you’re heading to Austria why not pick up some porcelain, traditionally made in Vienna, be it for a coffee lover or even a beer enthusiast, you can get your hands on a variety of porcelain gifts from mugs to steins. If you’re looking for something iconic to Austria, Swarovski Crystals may be more up your street. You can pick up some authentic jewellery from the Swarvoski Kristallwelten in Tyrol, or you can find Swarovski in many boutiques and jewellery shops.

Christmas gifts you will find in:

Christmas Nutcracker

Germany is the home of the nutcracker, so why not take one of these iconic figures back home with you? Or is something more unusual to your taste? You could treat someone to some Hamburg Elbkiesel, sweets that are made to look like gravel or even a Schnapps pipe, a novel way of replacing the glass for their favourite tipple. If they’re a bit farfetched and you’re wanting to get tradition to a tee, how about some lederhosen?

Christmas gifts you will find in:
Czech Republic


The Czech Republic is renowned for its puppetry, you can pick up a marionette easily in many shops, especially around Prague. They may not be the prettiest of items but they are packed full of personality and would make a great present for children and big kids alike.

Christmas gifts you will find in:


Macaroons, France If France is in your Christmas itinerary, why not treat someone, or yourself, to a nice bottle of champagne? If you’re heading into Strasbourg, pick up some traditional Alsatian wine. If you know somebody with more of a sweet tooth, how about some macaroons for the perfect gift?

Christmas gifts you will find in:


When in the Netherlands, it will be hard to miss the Klompen, full foot wooden clogs traditional to the Dutch. Approximately 3 million pairs of Klompen are made every year in the Netherlands so you should have plenty of opportunity to get your hands on some whilst you’re there.

Christmas gifts you will find in:
United Kingdom

mulled wine

If you’re staying on some-what familiar territory and going to one of the UK based Christmas markets, you’ll be able to get your hands on an array of gingerbread, hand-crafted toys and some authentic bratwurst. However, why not enjoy the atmosphere and treat yourself to a hand warming mulled wine?

Christmas gifts you will find in:

xmas toys

Whilst in Luxembourg you can get some fantastic hand-made gifts including leather goods, jewellery and hand crafted toys. However, if you’re looking for something more country specific to Luxembourg, how about a peckvillercher? A whistle shaped like a bird, although traditionally given to lovers on Easter Monday, they are widely available in shops around Luxembourg and make a great gift at any time of the year.

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