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Delville Wood;

Wellington Tunnel; Cross

at Lochnagar Crater

Teachers’ Guides for WW1

Holts Tours has produced a comprehensive full-colour guide to aid teachers in effective

preparation for their tours to Ypres and the Somme. These packs are exclusive to Holts

Tours and are available to you, the teacher, when you book your tour with us. They have

been designed in conjunction with a Chief Examiner in GCSE History and we feel that

they are one of several features that make our Battlefield Tours the most comprehensive


The Pack Contains:

• A chronological description of the museums and battlefields to be visited during your

tour, with in-depth commentary on the significant details of each site.

• A Student Activity Checklist, providing you with suggestions of tasks for your student

to complete.

• Background information on the key features, as well as related historical facts and


• Sections linking the work on the field trip to the requirements of GCSE and Key Stage 3.

• Full colour pictures and maps of the sites to be visited.

• Student worksheets relating to all the activities covered during the day. We also provide

a Teachers’ Guide and student worksheets for Vimy Ridge, written by Malcolm


Everything that is required by the student is in their workbook and will provide the

necessary work for the National Curriculum KS3 and a basis for GCSE work.

Notre Dame

Newfoundland Park

Somme Museum

Vimy Memorial

Historial de la Guerre

Trenches at Vimy Ridge