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Useful Information

Accommodation and facilities

In Europe students are usually accommodated in 3 and 4-bedded rooms with en-suite

facilities and staff in single or twin rooms with en-suite facilities. We cannot guarantee that

all youth hostels will have en-suite facilities and students may be accommodated in 6 to

8-bedded rooms. Hostel accommodation is an option in some cities.

Holiday duration

The duration of holidays is described in number of days and in all cases includes the day

of departure from the U.K. and the day of arrival back in the U.K.


There are no special health requirements or vaccinations required for any of the

destinations in this brochure. You may wish to obtain a copy of The Department of


Traveller’s Guide to Health

which is available at main post offices or by telephoning

0800 555 777

or online at



The safety and security of your group is our first consideration. In the event of the Foreign

Office advising against travel to a certain country, we would act on this advice. However,

we do recommend that you check Foreign Office Travel Advice before you make a

booking. This can be found at

. Although we take every

precaution in looking after both you and your group on tour, the responsibility for your

group’s personal safety and welfare and the care of their possessions is the same as that

which is exercised whilst at home. Extra care should be taken when walking around cities,

especially at night and we recommend your group stay in well-lit, populated areas. It is

also wise to avoid carrying valuables or wearing expensive jewellery.

Special requests

These should be advised on your passenger list, which will be issued once you have

decided to make a booking. Although we shall endeavour to meet special requests, this is

dependent on our suppliers and we cannot guarantee that your requirements will be met.

Requests for extra legroom on aircraft are so frequently requested that it is unlikely to be

available in most circumstances. Unfortunately we cannot accept any booking that is

conditional upon a special request being met.


When requesting vegetarian meals or special diets, it should be appreciated that standard

and choice is likely to be limited.

Medical conditions and disabilities

Please let us know if you or anyone in your party suffers from a serious medical condition

or physical disability before a booking is made. We cannot provide individual assistance

with boarding coaches or other forms of transport, baggage handling, walking or other

personal requirements, etc. You should be confident that everyone in your group can do

these tasks unaided. We are happy to give advice and assistance with the choice of your

tour, which will be dependent upon the nature of the disability and whether an able-

bodied companion will be accompanying the person with the disability. Some suppliers

may request certification from a GP to confirm fitness for travel. We regret that we

cannot be held liable for any costs incurred as a result of this.

Privacy and data

We want everyone to enjoy touring with us. However, anyone with a medical condition

or disability or a dietary/religious requirement must be aware that information supplied to

us will be passed to other companies and persons who supply the various parts of our

travel arrangements. We will not, however, pass this information to any party not

responsible for your group’s travel arrangements.

Holiday insurance

For your own peace of mind, we insist that all groups travelling on our School Battlefield

and Education Tours are covered by travel insurance and we will require basic details

about the school’s insurance policy.

Forth Rail Bridge