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Our Specialist

Battlefield Guides

All of Leger’s battlefield tours are accompanied

by specialist guides. Their individual in-depth

knowledge of warfare will be informative, as well as

enhance your overall experience, as they recreate

a fascinating perception of the history and factual

events of each battle.

Paul Reed


Head Battlefields


with a life-long

interest in militarty

history, Paul has

worked on numerous

T.V. documentaries.

Peter Williams

After working in adult

education, Peter has

been guiding for Leger

for over 15 years.

Specialises in WW1

and Maginot Line.

Tim Thurlow

Former Police Officer

with life-long interest in

WW1, especially the

Somme battlefields,

which he has visited

for over 30 years.

Scott Brand

Interest in WW1 and

WW2, especially

Arnhem as his father

fought there. Served in

Australian Army, also

guides Vietnam tours.

Vic Piuk

Former journalist, he

lives on the Somme

and specialises in

WW1, especially war

poetry. Author of

several books.

Charlotte Czyzyk

Works at IWM North

and first visited

battlefields with her

grandfather, a D-Day

veteran. Specialises in

the Holocaust.

Paul Prendergast

Having worked for the

Post Office, he has a

passion for WW1 and

has researched the

Post Office Rifles.

Marc Hope

Former soldier with a

passion for WW1 and

WW2, has been visiting

battlefields for over 20

years and been guiding

with Leger since 2006.

Jonathon Ball

Lifelong interest in

WW1/WW2 and

specialises in Arnhem

and Operation Market

Garden as well as


Bill McQuade

Served in Berlin with

Royal Scots Greys and

guides a wide variety

of battlefield tours

from Waterloo to

Cold War.



Lifelong enthusiast

and collector, he has a

remarkable knowledge

of WW1 and WW2


Peter Smith

Former RAF and Police

Officer, he has been

visiting battlefields for

over 30 years with

specialism in WW1

and WW2.

Gary Ashley

Lifelong collector with

an interest in military

history from Roman

times to modern day.

Lives in Northern


Niall Cherry

Former Airborne

Medic, he is an

Arnhem specialist

and author, and guides

both WW1 and WW2


Norman Sibbald

Retired Engineer, he

guides WW2 tours

with a passion for


Operations and the

Air War over Europe.

Paul Errington

Former Gunner and

Police Officer, he has

an impressive

knowledge of the

German Army in WW2

and Tank Warfare.

Iain McHenry

Formerly with the Royal

Military Police, he

has written about

underground warfare

and works as a

battlefield archaeologist.

Bob Hilton

Former soldier who

served in the

Falklands, he has

written his first book

on Arnhem and guides

WW2 tours.

David McCormack

Historian and author,

specialising in the

history of the Holocaust

and the Rise and Fall of

the Third Reich.

Jon Wort

Served an Army officer,

he specialises in WW1

and WW2, and also the

Burma Campaign.

Former Royal British

Legion Guide.

Carl Shilleto

Author with specialism

in the Normandy

Campaign. He has been

guiding D-Day tours

since 1998 and has

written many books.

Kevin Little

Visiting WW1

battlefields for over 30

years inspired by his

family who fought at

Ypres and the Somme.

Specialises in WW1.

Fred Greenhow


Retired from the Royal

Artillery having served

in the Falklands.

Specialises in WW2

including Normandy

and the Holocaust.

David Warren

Authority in many

fields of military

history and specialist

in the Peninsular War,

Waterloo and Dunkirk

and Maginot Line.

Colin Parslow

Former service as an

infantry officer and

extensive experience

as a Battlefield Guide

with the Royal British


Ian Hodkinson

Former RAF serviceman,

with interest in WW1

and WW2. Currently

specialising in WW1

and Italian Campaign

for WW2.

Keith Quibell

Served as a Police

Officer and used to take

WW1 veterans across

to the battlefields. He

has guided WW1 tours

for over 15 years.


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