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Inspirational journeys

of Remembrance

and Discovery

Visiting battlefields from the two World Wars remains a

fascinating, rewarding and moving experience. A century

after WW1 and some 75 years since WW2, the debt we owe

to those generations remains strong and the legacy of

Remembrance they have left us prompts many who travel on

our Battlefield Tours to ask more: who is the solider in that

faded photo at home? What was that name on the local war

memorial? What did grandad do, and how did his war fit into

the bigger picture?

These are just the sort of questions

myself and my team

of dedicated Specialist Battlefield

Guides (see page 6) get asked on a

typical Leger Battlefield Tour. We

are there to help you decipher all

the military jargon and understand

a past that touched us all – so that

we, too, can continue with the

legacy and ensure the sacrifice and

service are never forgotten.

2018 marks another special period

of anniversaries for the First World

War, as it will be the centenary of

the end of the war. These were

some of the biggest, bloodiest

battles of the war and many have

become not only household names,

but come to symbolise the war

itself in some ways. The Battle of

Passchendaele is a good example

of this: think of this battle and one

imagines a lunar landscape of

water-filled shell holes on a rain

soaked landscape.

Battlefield Tours teach us that the

experience of war like this was

about ordinary people in

extraordinary circumstances: that

these men and women who served

saw the best and worst

of life as carnage raged around

them, and it was an experience that

changed them forever.

On Battlefield Tours we discover

that freedom is never free and the

huge cemeteries bring that home in

a way that is only possible on such

a tour. Since our first Battlefield



Welcome to our 2018/19 collection of battlefield

tours. As we move into the final year of the

centenary of the end of WW1 our head guide Paul

Reed has created a selection of special anniversary

event tours plus new tours covering some of the

major final campaign battles.

We also have an expanded collection of WW2 tours

some of which cover historical events around the

end of the war and the aftermath of the Cold War.

Further afield we are pleased to introduce a brand

new Vietnam tour covering the harrowing events of

that long campaign.

Ian Henry,

Chief Executive, Leger Holidays

Villy la Ferte 1940



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for full details