• Israel: Seeing really is believing.

    Israel may not top the holiday list of many, in fact, many would not even regard it as a holiday destination. However, in 2012, visitor numbers were up by an impressive 8% and even in 2014 14.2 million people passed though Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion Airport. Hailed as the Holy Land sitting on an intersection between […]

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  • WW1: The Barnsley Pals by Edward Slater and Jill Morrison

    A century ago, in August 1914, Great Britain plummeted into war. Involved in the battle were millions of soldiers and by 1916, conscripts. More than ¾ million men were never to return home. Hundreds of thousands more wounded or damaged mentally by what they had witnessed on the battlefield. Having been a professional soldier, and […]

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  • The truth about the Christmas Truce

    It was the war that was meant to be over by Christmas. In 1914, 5 months into WWI an end was far from in sight. However, on 24th December an unofficial temporary truce was agreed along the Western Front. Soldiers from opposing sides laid down their guns and celebrated Christmas together. This year, possibly more […]

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