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All New, Now! Our Top Picks from our New Tours

September… the summer is over, the leaves are turning golden and the air is becoming a little more crisp. The year is certainly coming to an end. But, we don’t like to dwell on that, in fact, we think September is the month for new starts… well, a new brochure at least.

As is the procedure, with a new brochure comes new tours! And, this year, we’ve got some real corkers. 31 to be precise. And, what better way to get over those post-summer blues than to get ready for your next holiday?

With a big year coming for our Battlefield programme, and an exciting batch of new tour experiences and destinations on offer, you hardened Leger lovers will be spoiled for choice through 2018/19.

But, we would be here for days if we were to talk you through all the amazing new experiences that have just been launched, so we’ve hand-picked 5 of our favourites!

So, if you’re looking for a little holiday inspiration or just a deeper look at our new tours, then you’re in the right place.

Bavarian Forest Winter Wonderland – Huskies and Igloos

Yes, this is probably one that you’ve already heard about, but it’s finally making its way into our brochure. And, after an incredible launch, it certainly seems to have caught your attention.

Our first departure will be heading off on the 22nd January 2018 and we already have 2019 dates in place for those of you who like to book early.

So, what can you expect? Well, a true winter wonderland experience! Mulled wine, winter walks over the world’s biggest treetop path in the Bavarian Forest National Park and you’ll even get chance to visit a real igloo village!


But, we’re sure this is the real pièce de résistance… heading into the husky farm of Dreisessel! You’ll learn all about the beautiful dogs, from the housing, feeding and training they undergo.

These big balls of fluff are impressively bred, born to run with impressive endurance and a high tolerance to the cold. They can even survive on small amounts of food which is why they’re perfect sled dogs.

But, like many of our furry friends at home, they all have their own personalities, are super cute, heart-warmingly loving and you’ll even have the opportunity to give them a little fuss. Paw-fect!

French Grand Prix

Paul Ricard Circuit

Yes, for all those with a need for speed… the French Grand Prix makes it return to the Formula 1 calendar in 2018, a whole 10 years since the last time tyres touched track in France. And it’s also making an appearance in our 2018 programme.

The race will take place in the south of France at the Circuit Paul Ricard – which last staged the event in 1990!

The French Grand Prix is actually the world’s oldest, originating in France in June 1906. Fast forward to the future 2018 season, Ferrari hold the title of most wins with Massa and Räikkönen taking top spot in the last two races held.

10 years on, will Ferrari remain dominant in France or will Mercedes start to make its mark on French soil? We’re still waiting to see the outcome of the 2017 season, but the early bird gets the worm, so why not secure your place on our French Grand Prix by Coach tour?

Oberammergau and the Austrian Tyrol


The word on everybody’s lips, and there’s still 3 years to go! Our Oberammergau tours are flying off the shelf, so to speak, so we’ve added an extra tour to our 2020 programme.

This time we’re heading deep into the spectacular Austrian Tyrol, enjoying destinations such as Kitzbühel, Salzburg, Lake Achensee as well as the German delights of Cologne, the Rhine Valley and, of course, Oberammergau.

If you’re new to Oberammergau, every 10 years the residents of the small German town put on a Passion Play, and have done since 1634!

Passion Play Painting, Oberammergau

Performed as a thank you for being spared from the Plague Epidemic, the residents of Oberammergau prepare for years to make the production a success… they even undergo strict preparations that sees them banned from shaving.

Without going into too much detail (more of which can be found over on our Oberammergau blog) we can safely say this will be the performance of the decade… one not to miss!

Château Tilques, St. Omer & the Opal Coast

© Najeti Hôtel Château Tilques

Dreaming of France, you can get lost in thoughts of stunning rolling countryside, opulent coast lines and tasty cheeses and wines. So, why not go one better than the dream and enjoy your stay in an actual Château?

Just a short hop across the channel, this really is an idyllic short break. Nestled in the Caps et Marais d’Opale Natural Regional Park with peacocks roaming the grounds, this 17th century manor house has a certain je ne sais quoi.

Visiting pretty little market town of nearby St. Omer, you’re also given the chance to enjoy stunning architecture from the medieval streets to the Notre Dame Cathedral, even the incredible ruins of Saint Bertin’s Abbey.

Le Touquet

You’ll also have time on day three to enjoy Boulogne, Le Touquet, the playground of wealthy Parisians, and the Opal Coast giving you a real taste of Northern France.

Back at the Chateau, there’s a chance to enjoy gourmet food at the Le Vert Mesnil restaurant, make use of the indoor swimming pool or just enjoy the stunning grounds the Chateau is set in.

And, we think there’s a Lord or Lady in all of us that would enjoy their time in the manor.

First & Last Shots


2018 marks a significant year for WW1 history. 100 years ago, we saw the end of the Great War and our attentions will once again turn to commemorating a significant centenary in military history.

The city of Mons, Belgium, is where the first and last shots of World War One were fired by the British, and where the first and last soldiers died.

With departure dates throughout the year, we’ll take groups on a journey of remembrance visiting significant areas around Mons.

Visiting the 4th Dragoon Guards Memorial close to the spot where they engaged the Germans just before the Battle of Mons, firing the first shots of the British Army on the Western Front and crossing the road, we visit a Canadian memorial on the site of their final advance on 11th November 1918: four years of war separated by a few yards of ground.

George Lawrence Memorial, Mons

But not just that, we’ll also spend time commemorating the battle of Mons, head to Nimy Bridge, where the first two Victoria crosses of the war were awarded. And, drawing the tour to a close, we visit the Memorial to George Lawrence Price, the last British and Commonwealth casualties at 10.58am on 11th November 1918, just two minutes before the end.

A battlefield tour not to be missed, we’re sure you’ll agree! There’s plenty to interest seasoned Battlefield travellers on this tour and it will prove an insightful experience for anyone visiting the battlefields for the first time.


Our brand new brochure is out now, so why not request your copy? Simply click here to order today.

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