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It’s hard to think of Belgian cuisine without thinking about the copious amount of gorgeous, velvety chocolates. With influences from its neighbours, it’s said to have the quantity of German food with the quality of French and with such a bold statement, rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.

Starting off with the Guafre, or the Belgian waffle as it is more commonly known, it’s a rich and dense waffle made with buttery dough a chunks of sugar that caramelise on the crust when cooked.

Muscles are also hugely popular in this part of Europe and the perfect accompaniment to your muscles is a big bowl of Belgian fries. Whilst they may be known the world over as French fries, we owe the accolade of the brilliant potato invention to the Belgians, and you can be sure they make them the best.

You should also give the Carbonnades Flamandes a try if you’re a fan of a beef dish. Hailed as the Beef Bourguignon with the wine replaced with beer, a truly Austrian dish that really is delicious.

Obviously, if you’re guided by your sweet tooth, you will have no problem getting a hold of some delectable Belgian chocolate from one of the 2000+ chocolatiers in Belgium. Both the chocolate bar and the praline are both inventions of the Belgians.


There are over 400 beers brewed in Belgium from the mass produced brands we are used to seeing in the UK to specialist beers produced in microbreweries throughout the country. For something different you could try out the cherry flavoured beer, Kriek Lambic. Brewed using sour Morello cherries that are left in for several months, then left to mature further.

If you prefer spirits, you can try the Jenever, with a proof of between 20% and 40%, it’s similar to gin and can be found in a multitude of flavours ranging from lemon to chocolate and even chilli!

Belgian chips

Belgian chips

Belgian chocolate

Belgian chocolate

Belgian beer

Belgian beer

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