Panzers in Normandy

What our previous travellers have to say about this tour

"The rows of headstones and plaques also really bring it home as to the cost of human life in Normandy."

Mr Wright

Mr Wright


I really enjoy Military history and having wanted to visit the Normandy beaches for some time I decided it was about time I went. My first choice, when looking what was available, was Leger. Having been on 3 excellent tours with them before (all to Waterloo, but all different), the Panzers in Normandy tour took my eye and I booked the trip over the phone, which was easy.

As experienced before, the organisation of the tour was excellent from start to finish with every detail accounted for. The coach was first class, very clean and comfortable. Our drivers, Chris and Bryn, were excellent and our battlefield guide, Tony, was very knowledgeable, giving clear advice and instructions throughout each day.

Our hotel on the outskirts of Caen was comfortable, clean and well situated to visit all the locations on the itinerary. There was plenty to eat at the breakfast buffet to set you up for the day and the evening meals at the hotel, which I had each night, were enjoyable.

We visited Gold, Juno and Omaha beaches and several key points of the battle, such as Villers Bocage and Barkmann’s Corner. If you get chance, try walking across the very soft sand on Juno beach at Courseulles-Sur-Mer and see how difficult it is to walk quickly, then imagine how hard it must have been for the Canadian soldiers landing on D Day carrying heavy equipment under intense fire.

We visited several memorials including, to mention a few, Hells Corner, Cagny and the stylish memorial to the Typhoon pilots. Bannerville and La Cambe cemeteries were also visited, where many of the fallen soldiers were so very young. It was very sobering to see that so many of the German soldiers buried at La Cambe were only 17 or 18 years old. One of the soldiers buried at Bannerville was a non-combatant of the Royal Medical Corps. His gravestone was such a moving epitaph: ‘Too dearly loved ever to be forgotten. Goodnight dear Daddy, Win and son David’. It was a solemn reminder that not all the casualties were fighting soldiers; some were there to just help the wounded, hero’s in their own right. The rows of headstones and plaques also really bring it home as to the cost of human life in Normandy.

We also visited 3 excellent museums, Omaha Beach, Normandy Tank museum and the French Tank museum at Samur. I really like a good museum and they did not disappoint. Samur was fantastic with fighting vehicles from WWI to the present day, a must for anyone with even a mild interest in military vehicles. The other 2 were packed with a huge range of exhibits including dioramas, bringing an added dimension to the museums. There were also several original armoured vehicles at various locations at which we stopped, each having its own story. These included a Churchill ARVE, Sherman Duplex Drive and Sexton Self Propelled Gun.

I thoroughly enjoyed this holiday with Leger and would recommend Leger to anyone thinking about making a trip to a Battlefield. I will definitely be booking my next Battlefield tour with Leger.