D-Day Landings in Normandy

What our previous travellers have to say about this tour

"I am indebted to Leger Holidays and Mark, Garry and Sam who had made our visit so memorable."

Mr Butler

Mr Butler

"I joined the Royal Navy during WW2 and was drafted into the Light Coastal Forces service where our flotilla was sent to patrol the Normandy Coast on D-Day and I chose to book The D-Day in Normandy tour with Leger Holidays - this proved to be a wise decision. We were collected from Watford bus station by taxi, taken to a meeting point and then driven to Dover, where we joined our Silver Service Coach, which we found was very comfortable with plenty of legroom, a toilet plus a small area at the back of the coach as a lounge.

We were introduced to our crew, Sam and Garry, and the tour guide Mark. During the entire tour both Sam and Garry constantly looked after our comforts – serving hot and cold beverages and snacks. During the tour Mark explained where we were going and gave out lots of information of points of interest. When he learned that I was a veteran he made me most welcome and I was referred to by all on the coach as ‘the veteran’

We drove from Calais to Caen and our hotel for the tour was the Kyriad Caen Sud Ifs which was very comfortable and warm. The food was good and plentiful and it had a small bar and lounge. My travelling companion remarked that if this was the standard of our holiday then we were in for a great time!

Early the following day we re-joined our Silver Service coach and our tour began at the Pegasus Bridge – named after the paratroopers who liberated it. We also visited the Gondree Café , the museum, and the British cemetery that contains the grave of a sixteen year old paratrooper. We then went onto visit Gold, Sword and Juno beaches whilst Mark gave us continuous details of all the events of the day – he was a mine of information.

We stopped at the memorial of the Scot, Bill Millin, who played the bagpipes on the beach whilst under fire from the Germans on D-Day. We also visited the Canadian museum at Juno beach where I was welcomed as a Veteran and signed the V.I.P. book and was also made a member of the Canadian Veteran Association and presented and photographed with their lapel badge – I felt rather proud. On our way back to the hotel we were taken to where the prefabricated harbour was constructed at Arromanches.

On our third day we were driven to the American invasion beaches of Omaha and Utah. Our flotilla was working off Omaha beach and the sight of the now peaceful sandy beach brought back sad memories of the fateful D-Day and a lump in my throat – I had to walk away while Mark was giving the remainder of the group the details of scenes and events during that day. After walking over ground where so many troops had walked, seeing the memorials that have now been erected to record the events of D-Day we were driven to the American cemetery where there were row upon row of crosses as far as the eye could see. Reading the ages of the soldiers – all around the early twenties – I defy any person not to have a tear in their eye!
Our next stop was the German cemetery where German graves are marked by a round disk set in the ground and contains as many as ten soldiers whilst the British graves are individual and have a white headstone, and the American graves are also individual but each has a white stone cross too. All the graves in all the military cemeteries are well maintained in a neat and tidy condition.
The next day we visited the sites of two great and we stood on the spot where Stan Hollies won the Victoria Cross and I was again asked to sign the V.I.P. book at the Falaise Montorhel museum.

I am indebted to Leger Holidays and Mark, Garry and Sam who had made our visit so memorable.


"Best tour we have ever been on and the guide and coach drivers made it better."

Mr Wallace

Mr W

"Our scout fellowship was looking to go on trips together so I volunteered to sort out where to go, so I collected Leger Holidays brochure from our local travel agent and decided that I myself always wanted to go to the landing beaches, and now was the right time to go with the rest of our Fellowship.

After talking about the trip we had twelve members put their names forward so it was all booked for October. The first day was travelling and the organisation at the ferry port was outstanding. We were on our way to the Hotel Kyriad Caen Sud just outside Caen, very well situated for motorway connections which made travelling to the different areas quicker. The hotel was clean, warm and very friendly and we enjoyed our stay and the food was excellent. The white wine in the bar was even better and a chance to get together and talk about the days tour.

The guide on the coach explained everything about the next day and time for the coach the next morning, after a good night’s sleep and an excellent breakfast we started our first day off to Pegasus Bridge and museum and the Gondree café. Tony our guide was a mine of information, he had arranged lunch in the café at the end of the bridge, a large baguette, a very large packet of crisps and a pint of lager, a social get together with the rest of the coach. We then went to Ranville to the airborne graves then onto the British Landing beaches starting at Sword Beach, Juno and then to Juno Beach, Bold Beach was our next stop and more information from Tony and then Arromanches to see what is left of the Mulberry harbours. Whilst on the coach Tony asked if anybody had relatives buried in France, one of our party said her uncle was buried at a small cemetery, she has seen the grave on Google but never visited it. What a complete surprise when we stopped at this little cemetery, our friend was told that we had made a detour to see where her uncle was buried, what a moving moment, she placed a cross and poppy on the grave, she was really moved.

Day three America D-Day; Omaha and Utah Americas Airborne Landings, onto St Mere Eglise for lunch and time to look around. The next item to visit was the German cemetery at La Cambe and the grave of the German tank ace M.Wittmann everywhere we went Tony our guide gave out tons of information and items to look out for. Must not forget our coach drivers Tony and John always there to help and take us to these places completely safe and in comfort serving us all the time.

Day four – Battle of the Bocage and Falaise Gap, Tony kept us informed all the time, lots and lots to see, I could go on and on talking about places we visited but could never explain the enjoyment we all had every day. This tour was more than we expected and we have already booked the next tour. The whole of the group cannot stop talking about how much we enjoyed the whole tour, and we are looking forward to our next trip.

Drivers Tony and John were fabulous, the coach every morning was spotless and they must have spent a lot of time after driving us around all day to keep the coach pristine. Best tour we have ever been on and the guide and coach drivers made it better.


"This Tour will always be in my memory"

Mr Waller

Mr Waller

"This Tour, under the guidance of Tony Carr, was superbly done due to his depth of knowledge & interest. Truly brilliant!

The Luxuria Coach put the "icing on the cake" whilst all aboard were not only entertained & catered for but given a chance to see the driving skills of both Lee & Nana.

This Tour (my first) will always be in my memory plus those of my two sons who accompanied me. My sincere thanks from us all.


"All staff were supportive and kind in manner towards all passengers and responsive to each individual’s needs."

Mrs Stopani

Mrs Stopani

"I was enthralled in the history of the D-Day landings Pete imparted to us all last October, so I decided to repeat the same Battlefield tour earlier this month. I wanted to revisit, reflect and consolidate the information which Pete had imparted to me during my first trip.

He showed to a comprehensive knowledge of the subject, which he delivered with enthusiasm in an understandable way. He was particularly happy to give detailed responses to the many questions he was asked and was easy and friendly with his manner.

In October last year we were accompanied by drivers, Gary and Brian; this year by Sandra and David. All of them excelled in the service and assistance they provided to us all. I felt very safe and confident with the drivers. All staff were supportive and kind in manner towards all passengers and responsive to each individual’s needs.

I was also impressed by the smartness of uniform and manner of all the other staff, including staff at the interchange and those operating the transfer coaches.

I also went to Dunkirk & Fortress Europe in March. Once again, a friendly, well informed tour guide and excellent coach drivers and staff in every aspect of the service provided.

I will also be going on the Colditz, Dambusters & the Great Escape tour, and look forward to enjoying a similar experience with Leger.