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The terrain in Andorra is so inhospitable, it’s virtually impossible to grow anything. This means the majority of its food has to be imported and the cuisine is deliciously influenced by both French and Italian flavours.

Meat is a large part of every meal the Andorrans eat. Lamb, pork, game, fish and poultry are all an important part of the local diet. You can find meat served with pasta, sauces and potatoes.

Even when it comes to vegetables, you’re sure to find some meat in there. A speciality is trinxat, a cabbage and potato dish, cooked with bacon. Another speciality is escudella – a chicken stew with sausages and meatballs!

If you’re not a big meat eater, you can try formatge de tupi – a special, boozy cheese fermented with garlic and brandy.


The drinks you can enjoy whilst in Andorra are of a Catalonian influence. You can find granizado made from various ingredients such as orange and lemon juice, coffee and liquors blended with ice and served as a thick puree.

Wine is also a popular choice in Andorra, one of the few things the country produce within its borders, with Pinot Noir being produced more than any other, however, French and Spanish wines are also popular. Of course, with its Spanish influences, sangria is on hand in many bars and restaurants.

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