How do I make a booking?

    You can make a booking in a number of ways:

    • Online using our booking engines or Live Chat.
    • By emailing reservations@leger.co.uk with your requirements and contact details.
    • By telephoning 0844 324 9266 and speaking to one of our Reservation Executives.

    Can I check availability and make a booking online?

    Yes. You can use our simple availability and booking engines to find and book your holiday. Go to our How to Book your Holiday Online page for more information.

    Can I book with a Travel Agent?

    Yes you can. Either call in or telephone their office with your holiday requirements.

    How do I make payment?

    We accept payment by credit card (2.5% charge per transaction) or debit card (no charge). You can also send us a cheque made payable to Leger Holidays or postal orders or cash by post. If you send cash, we will only accept deliveries by the Royal Mail Special Delivery Service, proof of posting is not acceptable as proof of delivery.

    Can I pay using Paypoint?

    No, unfortunately we do not accept PayPoint.

    Is there a charge for making payment using my credit card?

    Yes - 2.5% charge per transaction when making payment with a credit card.

    Will you send me a reminder for the balance payment?

    The date that your balance is payable by is shown on your confirmation invoice. No reminders are automatically sent out.

    Will you automatically take the balance payment using the card that I paid the deposit with?

    No. You must contact us to authorise us to take the payment.

    Can I delay payment until I can be sure that I can get a visa?

    No you cannot. Once your booking is confirmed it is subject to the Booking Conditions.
    It is your duty to ensure you have the correct and valid documentation. We will not accept responsibility or any liability in respect of those passengers who do not have the correct documentation (including passports and visas).
    Cancellation charges will apply should you not obtain the necessary travel documents.

    How much are the optional excursions?

    This depends on which tour you book. Prices are given with the itinerary for the tour and sent out with Travel Documents 7-10 days before departure. Approximate prices can be given by our Customer Service Department by calling 0844 324 9265.

    Can I pay for the optional excursions when I make my booking?

    Optional excursions can be booked with your coach driver or Tour Manager and operate strictly subject to availability and demand. Some optional excursions are pre bookable due to demand when making your reservation. The running order of included and optional excursions may be altered without prior notice.

    Can I use my credit/debit card to pay for the optional excursions?

    You can now pay by credit/debit card for optional excursions on our Luxuria and Silver Service tours. If you are travelling by executive coach payment is only accepted in local currency (information on prices and currency will be advised with your travel documents 7-10 days before departure).

    What time will I be picked up and dropped off?

    Departure times given for each region are approximate. Please check your travel documents to confirm the actual timings.

    Can I pre-book my coach seat?

    Front row seats can be reserved for £12pp (up to 6 days duration), £20pp (7 & 8 days duration) and £25pp (9 days duration and over) on all European tours. In addition to this seats on the second row can be reserved for  £6pp (up to 6 days duration), £12pp (7 & 8 days duration) and £15pp (9 days duration and over). This offer is only available for bookings of two or four persons on the front row and is subject to availability. Guaranteed front/second row seats cannot be reserved on feeder journeys to/from the U.K. port. Children under 15 years cannot occupy a front row seat due to French Law.

    Please note: On some coaches the legroom on front seats may be slightly less than that available on other seats due to the presence of a modesty board in front.

    If your tour is cancelled for any reason and front/second row seats are not available on your new tour you will be refunded the supplement. No other compensation will be payable.

    Alternatively, we can take seating requests on your booking. However, requests are not guaranteed. All seat numbers are confirmed on travel documents approximately 7-10 days prior to departure.

    Will we be sat together?

    We guarantee that all passengers on the same booking will be seated together on the main tour coach. Seats on the feeder coaches to and from the U.K. port are not allocated.

    Are refreshments served on the coach?

    Hot and cold drinks are served on the main tour coaches. Prices are approximately 90p or 1 Euro per drink. Prices will be confirmed by the driver. Drinks may also be served on the feeder coaches but this is not guaranteed.

    What route does the coach take?

    Feeder coaches are routed approximately 2-3 weeks before departure and will depend on where passengers are booked to travel from on any particular date as to which route is taken. If you require further detailed information regarding the route to the port you can contact our Customer Service Department on 0844 324 9265 two weeks before you are due to travel.

    With regard to the route taken by the main tour coach, this is determined by the driver.

    Is there a toilet on-board the coach?

    All main tour coaches have on-board toilets. Feeder coaches to and from the U.K. port may not have on-board toilets. When non-British coaches are used on transfers and tours (air or TGV holidays only) an on-board toilet may not be available. However, comfort stops will be made during long journeys.

    Do your coaches have air conditioning?

    All coaches feature air-conditioning. Should the air-conditioning system break down for a period exceeding 12 hours, compensation will be awarded up to a maximum of £10 per fare-paying passenger per tour.

    Will I travel on the same coach from my joining point until I reach the hotel?

    We operate a passenger interchange at the Channel port. Feeder coaches, including taxis, minibuses, Megabus and National Express operate to and from the U.K. port. You will join your main tour coach at the port.

    Do I have to have travel insurance?

    You must either have a comprehensive travel insurance policy in place or return a signed insurance indemnity form to us prior to travel. Please contact our Customer Service Department on 0844 324 9265 for a copy of the indemnity form if you are not taking any cover.

    Can I arrange my own insurance?

    Yes, you can arrange your own travel insurance, however the policy you obtain from a third party must offer cover at least as comprehensive as ours.

    You must provide us with the name, policy number and details of the emergency and medical repatriation telephone number relating to such a policy within 14 days of booking.

    I do not reside in the United Kingdom. Can I take Leger insurance?

    The insurance Leger Holiday's offer is for United Kingdom residents only.

    I am taking some medication/on a hospital waiting list for treatment. Will I be covered with Leger Insurance?

    If you, at the time of taking out your insurance, have ever had treatment for any heart or circulatory condition, stroke or high blood pressure, breathing conditions (including asthma), any type of cancer or any type of diabetes please declare this to the number below. Also, at the time of taking our your insurance, if you have been treated for any serious or re-occurring medical condition, asked to take regular prescribed medication, or been referred to a specialist or consultant at a hospital for tests, diagnosis or treatment in the last 2 years, then cover MAY be provided on condition that:-

    • You contact Rock Insurances' medical screening helpline on 0845 658 2999 (Mon- Fri 8am-7pm and Sat 9am-5pm)
    • You receive approval of cover for such medical condition(s) for your planned trip and accept any special terms provided in respect of your existing medical condition(s).

    Are there any age restrictions on taking our Leger Insurance?

    The upper age limit on Leger Holidays' insurance is 95-years of age.

    What does Leger Insurance cover?

    Leger Holidays' Insurance is a comprehensive Travel Insurance. You are covered for Cancellation/Curtailment, Medical Expenses, Personal Property and Money, Personal Accident, Hospital Benefit, Delayed Travel, Delayed Luggage, Personal Liability and Legal Expenses.

    If you would like a sample of the insurance cover please contact our Customer Service Department on 0844 324 9265.

    What are the insurance premiums?

    This depends on which tour you book, prices start from £31.95pp Please call our Customer Service Department on 0844 324 9265 for the correct price of insurance for your tour.

    Do I have to make my own way to the Eurostar Station?

    Yes you do. Transfers to/from the Eurostar Station's are not included in the holiday.

    Can I upgrade to 'Standard Premier' on the Eurostar?

    All prices are based on standard class returns, however upgrades are available on Eurostar to 'Standard Premier', please call our Reservations Department for more details on 0844 324 9266.

    How long is the journey to Disneyland Paris by Eurostar?

    The journey time from St Pancras (London) is approximately 2 hours & 40 minutes and 2 hours from Ashford (Kent).

    Is the Eurostar a direct service to Disneyland Paris?

    Yes, the direct service run's from St Pancras (London) or Ashford (Kent) straight to the resort’s own station, Marne-la-Vallee. There are also indirect services which run via Lille or Paris with included transfers.

    Do I have to make my own way to the airport?

    Yes, unfortunately there is no feeder/transfer service to/from the U.K. airports.

    What are the flight times?

    Flight times are given at the time of booking. The times given are for guidance only and may change.

    Exact flight times will be confirmed on travel document which are sent 7-10 days before departure. For more information on flight times please contact our Reservations Department on 0844 324 9265 or email us at reservations@leger.co.uk.

    Can I pre-book my airline seat(s)?

    We are able to pre-book flight seats with most airlines. There may be a charge for this service. Any charges will be confirmed at the time of booking. Most other airlines will allocate your seats at check-in.

    I am disabled/have medical conditions. Can you arrange for assistance at the airport?

    Yes, we can. Please contact our Customer Service Department on 0844 324 9265 to arrange wheelchair assistance or any other medical requests.

    When should I check in for my flight?

    We recommend you check-in for your flight three hours before the scheduled time for long hall flights and two and a half hours before the scheduled time for any European holidays.

    How much luggage can I take on my flight?

    Luggage allowances vary from airline to airline. The luggage allowance is normally up to 20kg (44lbs) and 5kg for hand luggage. Ryan Air's luggage allowance is normally up to 20kg (44lbs) and 10kg for hand luggage. All allowances are subject to changes made by the airline.

    For more information on luggage allowances please contact our Customer Service Department on 0844 324 9265 or email us at reservations@leger.co.uk.

    Is the transfer from the airport to the hotel included?

    The transfers on the majority of our flight tours are included. Our Reservations Staff will be able to advise you when you call. On tours where you book your own flight the transfers may only be available at certain times or not at all.

    Will we get a meal on the flight?

    This depends on which airline the flight is booked with. Please call our Customer Service Department on 0844 324 9265 for more details.

    Will it be possible to visit a particular cemetery whilst on the tour?

    Either e-mail our Reservations Department or call on 0844 324 9266 and they will check to see whether you can visit a particular cemetery on any of our Battlefield Tours, if we are not able to fit it into our itinerary then you could take some time out of the tour and do this independently by taxi or public transport. 

    What crossing will it be?

    Channel crossings are by ferry from Dover to Calais, or can be through the Channel Tunnel via Eurotunnel from Folkestone to Calais.

    Crossings by North Sea Ferries are from Hull to Zeebrugge or Hull to Rotterdam.

    Irish sea crossings are from Hollyhead to Dun Laoghaire/Dublin by Irish Ferries conventional ferry or fast craft.

    Our Reservations Department will advise the method of travel to be used on each departure, however, crossings are subject to change and will be advised with your travel documents 7-10 days before departure.

    Some changes may have to be made once the journey has commenced, in which case we would not be able to notify you. Such changes are uncommon, but we can never 100% guarantee any Channel Crossing.

    How long are the crossings?

    The journey time from Dover to Calais via the ferry is approximately 90 minutes.

    The journey time from Folkestone to Calais via Eurotunnel is 35 minutes.

    The journey time from Hull to Zeebrugge by North Sea Ferries is approximately 12 hours 30 minutes.

    The journey time from Hull to Rotterdam by North Sea Ferries is approximately 10 hours.

    The journey time from Hollyhead to Dun Laoghaire/Dublin by Irish Ferries conventional ferry is 3 hours 15 minutes or 2 hours by fast craft.

    Can I get a meal on the ferry?

    Yes, you can.

    Can I join at the hotel?

    If you prefer, then you can join the tour at the hotel. To do this, we will require a copy of your passport for identification purposes and you must advise us at the time of booking.

    No reduction will be given if you should choose to do this.

    Do the rooms have private facilities?

    All hotel rooms benefit from private bathroom facilities.

    Are there tea and coffee making facilities in the room?

    Some hotels have tea and coffee making facilities. Please check the tour pages for more information or call our Customer Service Department on 0844 324 9265.

    Do the hotels have lifts?

    Most hotels have a lift, please call our Customer Service Department on 0844 324 9265 for more information.

    Do the hotels you use have ground floor rooms?

    Some hotels have ground floor rooms. Please email for information on individual hotels or call our Customer Service Department on 0844 324 9265.

    Should I take my own towels or will they be supplied?

    Your hotels will supply towels in your room.

    Will the hotel cater for vegetarians or any other dietary requirements?

    We are unable to guarantee that the hotel will be able to meet your dietary requirements. We find that the majority of European countries do not generally cater for vegetarians and that the meal supplied may well be what everyone else is having minus the meat.

    We will of course endeavour to arrange for a vegetarian meal at the hotel. We do however suggest that you advise us of your dietary requests at the time of booking and recommend that you speak to the receptionist on arrival with regard to your request.

    Will I need to take my passport?

    A full passport is required by everyone, including infants and children. Please remember, British passports can take up to 10 weeks to obtain.

    Can you tell me whether I will need any visas to travel on your tours?

    Non British citizens should check the passport and visa requirements with the consulate of the country being visited or travelled through. You can also contact 'Action Visa' on 0207 939 8100 for more information.

    What currency will I need to obtain?

    You will require local currency to use during your holiday. Check with your travel agent, foreign exchange or bank or call our Customer Service Department on 0844 324 9265 if you are unsure of the currency required for an individual country.

    Can I use traveller's cheques?

    Exchange facilities are not guaranteed in any of the hotels we use. Check with your travel agent, foreign exchange or bank for further details.

    Can I use my credit card?

    Credit cards are widely accepted. However, in some smaller shops, bars, restaurants and hotels, credit cards may not be accepted so you are recommended to take some local currency with you.

    Can I get my currency from Leger Holidays?

    No unfortunately not, please check with your travel agent, foreign exchange or bank for more details. Call our Customer Service Department on 0844 324 9265 or email us if you are unsure of the currency required for a particular tour.

    Do you cater for Disabled passengers on your tours?

    We do have holidays that are suitable for wheelchair users, however the person using the wheelchair will need to be able to get on and off the coach if a coach tour is booked. Our coaches are not suitable for someone who is wheelchair reliant as we can only take folding wheelchairs that are stored in the luggage compartment.

    We cannot guarantee that assistance will be available for the disabled person / wheelchair user and such bookings will only be accepted if that person is travelling with an able-bodied person who is fully able to attend to the needs of his/her co-traveller.

    Passengers travelling by Eurostar in standard class seats must be able to walk 200 yards (183 metres) unaided. Please note; only collapsible wheelchairs are permitted on board standard class Eurostar coaches, as these must be stored in the luggage storage areas. Any passengers who are wheelchair reliant are required to be allocated in the 'Standard Premier' coaches where wheelchair user spaces are located. As these spaces are limited to 1 per train you must advise us immediately if you require them in order that we can reserve with Eurostar.
    Excursions on our tours visit places of interest and public buildings. These may not be able to accommodate people with walking difficulties and wheelchair access may not be available. Excursions which include sightseeing tours may involve walking long distances and sometimes over cobbled or uneven surfaces.

    The accommodation we use on our tours may not have ground floor rooms and in some instances lifts will not always be available. Occasionally access to your hotel may involve walking distances from the coach park and some hotels have a flight of steps to the Reception.

    It is very important that checks are made with regard to the suitability of a tour for you prior to you make any booking with us.

    Can I take a wheelchair or Electric Scooter?

    We accept collapsible wheelchairs and we can also accommodate Electric Scooters however they must be easily dismantled by the customer and each component must weigh less than 20kg and the scooter no more than 60kg in total. The scooter must also have a dry cell battery. Please call before booking so we can make sure the tour suits any extra requirements.

    Will my infant get a seat on the coach?

    Infants (aged 0-2 years inclusive at the time of travel) will be allocated a seat on the coach.

    Can I take a child seat to use on the coach?

    Infants (aged 0-2 years) will be allocated a seat on the coach and if they are unable to use a seat belt unaided you must provide a suitable car seat compatible with a lap belt.

    Will there be a TV on board the coach?

    Other than on Silver Service coaches we cannot guarantee that the coach will feature audio and video entertainment.

    We would suggest that parents bring with them suitable toys and games to amuse children on the journey to Disneyland Resort Paris.

    What time will we arrive at my Disney hotel?

    When travelling by coach the estimated time of arrival depends on the time of the ferry and the traffic conditions.

    Arrival time at the resort is usually from 21.30 hours onwards.

    When travelling by Eurostar you will arrive at Marne-la-Vallee Station in the resort at 13.57 hours (times may differ on a Sunday) 

    When travelling by car or air, arrival times will vary depending on the time of your ferry or flight.

    Have any of the Disney hotels got a swimming pool?

    The following hotels benefit from a swimming pool:

    • Disney's Sequoia Lodge
    • Disney's Newport Bay Club
    • Algonquin Explorers Hotel

    Will my infant get a seat on the Eurostar?

    On Eurostar, infants (aged 0-2 years) will not be allocated a seat on the eurostar. A seat can be reserved for an additional cost, please call our Reservations Department on 0844 324 9266 for prices.

    Will my infant have a seat on the aeroplane?

    Infants on air holidays (aged 0-1years) will not be allocated a seat on the flight.

    Are there any disabled rooms at any of the hotels at the Disney Resort?

    All Disney Hotels have rooms adapted to meet the needs of Guests with reduced mobility.

    These rooms have larger bathrooms (equipped with hand rails and a raised toilet), door viewer at wheelchair height and a double bed. The Disabled rooms will have to be requested with Disney as the availability is limited.

    Can I take a wheelchair?

    Our coaches are not suitable for someone who is wheelchair reliant as we can only take folding wheelchairs that are stored in the luggage compartment. However the person using the wheelchair will need to be able to get on and off the coach if a coach tour is booked.

    We cannot guarantee that assistance will be available for the disabled person/wheelchair user. Space for wheelchairs is limited to 2 per coach.

    Such bookings will only be accepted if that person is travelling with an able-bodied person who is fully able to attend to the needs of his/her co-traveller.

    Please advise at the time of booking that you will be taking a wheelchair in order to check for wheelchair availability.

    Can I hire a wheelchair at Disney?

    Wheelchairs can be rented at the "Stroller and Wheelchair Rental" shop at Town Square Terrasse, near the entrance to the Disneyland Park or at Studio Services at the entrance to the Walt Disney Studios® Park.

    The Cast Members (Disney employees) are not permitted to accompany persons in wheelchairs. No reservation can be made.

    Can I take a pushchair?

    Yes, you are able to take a collapsible pushchair.

    Can I hire a pushchair at Disney?

    Pushchair hire is located near the Disney Park entrances (paying service, limited number; subject to availability).

    How much will it cost to purchase an extra park admission ticket for Disney?

    We are able to pre-purchase Hopper Passes for Leger Bookings, please call Customer Service Department on 0844 324 9265 for details of prices. A 'Hopper' pass enables you to move between the two Disney parks giving you freedom and flexibility. Please specify which day(s) you would like to book extra day passes for.

    I am 17 years old - can I book to travel to Disneyland Paris?

    No, under French Law at least one person in each room must be aged 18 years or over.

    Is it possible to book a eurotunnel crossing on a self drive tour?

    A Eurotunnel crossing can be booked, the supplement for this is approximately £120 per car.
    Prices vary depending on the size of the vehicle.

    Will you supply a map and directions on a self drive tour?

    Detailed routing instructions to help you on your way will be given with your travel documents approximately 7-10 days before departure.

    Are there any other regulations I need to adhere to on a self drive tour?

    When travelling abroad you will need to be aware of the following:
    • You will require Headlight Adjustors to divert the glare of your headlights from oncoming vehicles. These are adhesive stickers that you place in a certain position on your headlight and they divert the beam to the curbside. You can obtain these from car accessory shops and are priced at approximately £7.99.
    • Tolls are payable on French Motorways. The cost is approximately €25 each way.
    • You must have relevant travel insurance and sufficient motor breakdown cover.

      You must have the following items in your car:
    • First Aid Kit
    • Warning Triangle (In case of breakdown)
    • Spare set of bulbs
    • Reflective vest
    • Breathalyser Testing Kit

    Please Note: French Law prohibits drivers from carrying devices capable of detecting speed cameras and has been extended to include devices able to warn or inform of the location of speed cameras such as satnav or GPS systems. 

    Do I have to do the excursions?

    Certain excursions are included in the price of your holiday. If you choose not to go on an included excursion, for whatever reason, no refunds will be made.

    Will I receive a more detailed itinerary before I travel?

    Yes, you will receive one with your Travel Documents, which are sent 7-10 days before departure.

    Do you take children on your European Tours?

    We believe that our holidays may not be suitable for children under 8 years old (except for Disneyland Paris bookings) however, we will consider individual requests on application. Customers aged 18 and under at the time of travel must be accompanied by an adult, parent or guardian aged over 18 years old.

    Can you tell me what the weather will be like on my tour?

    You can check weather averages at http://www.holiday-weather.com/averages/.

    I am having problems viewing Travel Documents on the MyBooking portal, is there a solution?

    If you are having problems viewing your travel arrangements, it may be that you have a pop-up blocker which is stopping these from being downloaded. Take a look at the link at the bottom of your browser, it should allow you to either save or open the document. If you still can't view the document, please call our After Sales team and we can arrange for these to be emailed to you instead.

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